Quick operations, smooth workflow and extended controls for all

How edecofy helps admin, students and parents?

We have invested many hours and efforts in developing Edecofy and are very sure of its capabilities to offer all-round benefits to all the users- admin, students, staff and parents. It is your true one-stop solution for all your needs.

Role-based functionalities for all

We offer the flexible, role-based functionalities to all the members to ensure the smooth functioning and end to end coordination for streamlined operations. 

Intuitive interface

The intuitive and easy to use interactive functionalities help the institutes, parents, and students to stay connected all the time that ensures healthy conversation throughout. 

Easy to use for busy parents and admin

Keeping in mind the precise needs and knowledge limitations of different participants, especially the working parents, we offer the easy substitutes as well like mobile apps, web-based connectivity, and intuitive interface.

Fully secured and strong data backup provisions

We are very well aware of the privacy and security requirements of the mission-critical data and the messages. So, we have powerful security provisions in place to ensure data security and reliable data backup.  

Best model to offer precise solutions for all

Developed by the joint efforts of expert and experienced team, our institute ERP system perfectly aligns with the most crucial needs of the institute, students and parents while at the same time offering the solutions for any special needs.

Comprehensive reports regularly

We offer you a regular series of comprehensive reports in the eye-friendly visual format so that everyone remains in the loop and is updated with the latest developments and requirements. 

Built for 360-degree development of students

As a responsible development company holding many years of experience we offer you the purpose-oriented solutions for all your regular and specific needs to build a healthy ecosystem for the 360-degree development of students.

Easy, quick and highly efficient 

The best institute ERP system requires easy functionality and smooth operations. Keeping this in mind we have developed the friendliest software for the admin, parents, and students that is easy, quick and highly efficient. 


Quick and complete access

Purpose built features of our ERP makes sure that you quickly get the complete access to the most relevant data and should be able to act promptly with the help o a few clicks. The objective is to minimize clerical tasks and maximize productivity.