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Parent Management

At Edecofy we know that the parents play the vital role in determining the real growth of the students as the ward share a strong emotional connection with their parents and thus are more receptive to their ideas and efforts. Keeping this in mind we have strategically developed the intuitive parent management features so that the parents should be updated about the latest information about their ward and can be able to access the most vital information (academic and non-academic) without any hassles or time-consuming process. It will also eliminate the unhealthy communication gap between parents, admin, and teachers.


Complete ward information at a glance

One of the major concerns of the parents is to properly understand the progress of their ward in different areas. Our quick and comprehensible visual reports assure that the parents should get entire key knowledge without any difficulty.


Up to the minute information powered by mobile apps

To further empower the busy parents and those with limited access to the technical device, we have especially developed mobile apps that allow the school admin to send instant notifications to the parents regarding different issues.

Evaluates overall development (academic and extra-curricular)

A healthy development can only be achieved if the student is good at both academic and extracurricular activities that will help them to thrive in real life. Edecofy offers the full-fledged system for evaluating both academic and extracurricular performance/growth f the chid and present the same in the friendly format for the parent.


Why Edecofy?

Edecofy is specially developed to act as your one-stop solution for diverse issues of the schools including day to day management, meeting attendance requirements or ensuring that the best practices are being followed. It is built to empower all the participants in the school ecosystem like parents, admin, teachers, and students. The quick alert system, comprehensive feature and quick processes make sure that the students should spend less time working on the software and more time on acting on the insights provided by it.


Promotes Individual Development

Every student is unique and has a different learning capacity, interests, and inclinations with the help of Edecofy it becomes really easy to ensure that each student should be able to enjoy eh uniform benefits regardless of their limitations. With the help of Edecofy the teachers can measure the weakness and strengths of the students and can design their learning journey accordingly.

Accurate parameters to quantify the performance

Quantifying the specific capabilities of the students in the most accurate way can play a vital role in defining their growth journey and design the most appropriate pattern of learning for them. With the help of Edecofy, you can easily and accurately quantify the students’ performance and uses the information for intelligently design their learning journey.

Quick status updates

Knowing about the growth and specific requires of their ward is the key right of every parent. However, due to the lack of communication many times they are not able to know the present requirements or status of their ward and that may eventually harm the student’s progress. With Edecofy’s easy and intuitive interface, quick processes and instant alerts the parents can easily get the details of their ward and take the right action as and when required.