A robust software with simple visual interface to help institutes and students achieve

About Edecofy

Edecofy ERP system has been developed with the primary objective of utilizing the latest technology and expert IT talent for enhancing efficiency and multiplying the productivity of modern institutes that can ensure 360-degree growth of students. Edecofy ERP provides end-to-end solutions for communication, coordination, analytics, monitoring & management and executing vital tasks like online examinations.


Education system plays a vital role in the overall development of any country and this is the reason behind the phenomenal success of the nations with a developed, well-maintained education system. To achieve this purpose, Edecofy strives to employ the latest technology for maintaining, planning and streamlining the entire educational ecosystem for the maximum output with minimum efforts. Edecofy is the robust institute ERP system that facilitates the smooth coordination among all the stakeholders of the instituteing system- teachers, students, parents, admin staff and third-party service providers like transportation companies.

Our team is comprised of the IT experts and distinguished software professionals with a deep and diverse working experience of providing software services for start-ups, and brands. Our collective experience and result-oriented outlook and adherence to best performance guidelines make us a trusted partner for our clients.

Our software is specially developed for the progressive institutes who are genuinely interested in offering the best experience to both students and parents. Modern institutes have a copious amount of vital data and information but it needs to be channeled and utilized correctly. That is why we have wisely architected our software to ensure quick accessibility, seamless integration, failsafe security, and instant communication.

Furthermore, we have provided purpose-specific tools to manipulate the information for diverse purposes. With just a few clicks you can generate comprehensive reports with deep insights, study the performance curve of a specific student or class and can also use the feature to project the growth of your institute, class or specific pupils with minimal efforts.

Besides, proactive software actively helps you in various tasks like conducting online exams, distributing information to the relevant personnel and digitally coordinating with stakeholders in real-time.

The master control options also allow the institute admin to precisely channel the flow of any specific information without leakage to unintended audiences and distributing or withdrawing the access rights to various users for maintaining the healthy hierarchy level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a thriving family of satisfied customers by delivering them high-quality services that they can rely on. We believe in identifying the core issues and presenting precise solutions to the fundamental problems. This approach has allowed us to develop ERP software with comprehensive features, extreme capabilities, and intuitive interface. Thanks to quick operations the institutes can immediately start using our ERP software without disturbing their regular schedule or going through a tedious learning curve.

Our Vision

Edecofy will empower the institutes to multiply their productivity and eliminate performance gaps by connecting every point of access. It results in instant communication, better team coordination, and stronger analytical capabilities. With minimal efforts and maximum output, the institutes can expect a robust growth while ensuring the all-round development of students.


Quick and complete access

Purpose built features of our ERP makes sure that you quickly get the complete access to the most relevant data and should be able to act promptly with the help o a few clicks. The objective is to minimize clerical tasks and maximize productivity.