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Frequently Asked Questions

Our software s developed keeping in mind the overall benefits for all the participants right from students to parents, admin and teaching/non-teaching staff of the institute. Here are some key question that might come to your mind and we have provided a satisfactory answer to them:

What exactly is Edecofy?
Edecofy is a unique institute ERP system that offers strong features and extended controls to all the participants – admin, teachers, non-teaching staff, students, and parents. It has all the functionalities need to successfully run an institute. It provides accurate and updated information on various aspects like attendance, syllabus, fees, library, exams and several other aspects. It is specially built to integrate seamlessly into their academic ecosystem and boosts productivity by reducing time, efforts and stress.
Yes, we would be glad to discuss your specific requirements and provide a suitable solution. Please Reach to us on and we will call you shortly.
We certainly do. All new customers receive training as part of their initial setup. This can be fulfilled on campus or remotely. In addition, custom training is available as needed. Finally, periodic online training sessions are provided at no additional cost to our customers.
We have not able to estimate yet but according to our till date experience, it supports 5000 student records as Edecofy is working good with one of our clients after having 5000 records. One more thing technically the database will not crash as it is the SQL Server 2008.
Yes, and it is easily accessible. You can see the history of a student from the moment they join till they leave.
Yes. Actually, Accounting is the strongest part of our software as institutes can manage their routines with this software and then can export the data directly to the Tally for the further processes.

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Quick and complete access

Purpose built features of our ERP makes sure that you quickly get the complete access to the most relevant data and should be able to act promptly with the help o a few clicks. The objective is to minimize clerical tasks and maximize productivity.