College Management System

Need for College Management System:

A College Management System is capable of simplifying key college operations like academic, administrative, finance and other systems, and can help in managing them effectively. The system ensures a smoother and seamless college management for both academic and non-academic activities.

ERP software can save substantial amount of organizational resources like time and money. The smart modules can help in hassle free process management. Automating notification system can help in seamlessly connecting key stakeholders like teachers, students, parents, and administrators, and can keep them updated in real-time.

Here are some of the key features of College Management System:

Edecofy's smart college management system can benefit all the stakeholders of the educational institution. The software can be completely customized to meet the needs of your institution, along with optimal utilization of resources. Here are some of the key benefits of deploying college management system for your organization.

  • First evaluate the specific admin needs for your college. Make a checklist of the vital factors. It includes daily activities, repetitive management issues, communication gaps (if any), and areas that need improvement
  • Next, determine the estimated budget that you can comfortably set apart for buying an ERP system
  • Now, compare top 10 college ERP systems online that are available are affordable for you
  • Patiently check for their features and capabilities and see how they match with your checklist
  • Shortlist a few ERPs that provide the maximum features that you require
  • Liaise with the vendors online and then conduct a face to face meeting. Use your best negotiation skills to see if they may offer some discount depending upon different criteria
  • Don't forget to ask for vital factors like deployment, support, scalability, etc
  • Also make sure that your IT department head and/or other relevant staff should also communicate with the vendor

Before you buy College Management ERP Software you need to consider some important questions as listed below

What are the main features of the college ERP system?

This is certainly the primary thing to consider while buying a college ERP system. You need to be very specific while asking this question from your vendor. Having a thorough knowledge about the features you will get in your college ERP system will help you make the informed decision and save you from investing in a system that doesn’t have the features relevant for your purpose. The easy way to do it is to make a list of the core features/requirements for running your college admin smoothly and then see how the specific college ERP system matches your needs does.

Can your college ERP system be accessed through mobile devices?

Make sure that the ERP system should actively support on-the-go management by providing seamless data and report access across different mobile devices. It should work uniformly on iPhone and Android and should be equipped with features like prompt sending/receiving of reminders, messages, and alerts, push notifications options, actual-time data collection and powerful tracking capabilities

Is your College management software scalable?

Every organization has growth plans and if your college ERP system doesn’t can grow with your college then you may have to change it during each major phase of growth. It not only increases costs but also add to the hassles of migrating available data and going through an additional learning curve. So, invest in the college ERP system that can not only handle a huge traffic volume but also supports multitasking and allows for several simultaneous operations without compromising on the performance.

Can you customize the Campus Management Software ERP?

No two colleges are the same and their day to day management needs are equally different. Using a college ERP system that only supports standard features can limit your capabilities. So, easy customization is the prime requirement for any ideal college ERP system. Make sure that your college ERP system offers comfortable room for customization like menu sorting, rearrangement of key elements, and other usability-friendly customizations.

Does your College ERP Management Software offer required data security?

Your college ERP system would have a huge volume of sensitive and mission-critical data including students’ records, their profiles, and other information that can be misused in many ways if it is stolen by hackers or other malicious elements. So, make sure to buy a premium college ERP system that has built-in sophisticated security features to offer maximum protection to your data against the latest security threats.

Does your College Campus Management Software support cloud-based management?

An ideal college system should fully support cloud-based management so that you won’t have to invest in costly hardware, recruit expensive IT professionals or worry for data backup provisions.

Benefits of College Management System

Admission Management
Admission Management

Automating key admission tasks with the help of college management system can help in simplifying the entire process. Online uploading of documents, certificates can ensure a paper-less, as-well smart management of the documentation process.

Online Curriculum Management
Online Curriculum

Students/Parents can pick the course of their choice, with the help of the online course curriculum before rushing to the admission. This provides a win-win scenario for both management and students, as clarity regarding course avoids unnecessary confusion, saving a lot of time.

Smart Communication
Smart Communication

College ERP Provides a smarter medium of communication between all the stakeholders of organization like parents, teachers, students and management. Smart communication is made possible through various mediums like Push Notifications, SMS, Emails , thus providing real-time updates in a flash of second

Online Learning
Online Learning

The global pandemic COVID-19 has forced educational institutions to shift towards online learning. Digital learning enables the students not to miss any of his classes, along with access to world-class online journals, and content rich study materials from industry experts.


Data hosted on College Management System is completely secured, as it is hosted on world-class cloud servers. The data is end-to-end encrypted, and backed up regularly.

Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support

Edecofy’s dedicated team of experts are happy to help you serve you 24x7, and thus help in running your system without any interruptions.