The best College ERP softwares for robust college management

The best College ERP softwares for robust college management

ERP college management software incorporates every key module and function in a single application interface. It connects admin's head with all the other participants like parents, students, teachers and non-teaching staff. Master controls remain with the admin users. Only permitted users can access the system by signing in with their login ID and password to restrict unauthorized users. Using technology as a tool, the ERP can significantly improve the productivity of the entire college academic ecosystem. There are several college ERP systems available in the market. In this post, we are going to list some of the most trusted and popular college ERP systems

How to find the best ERP College management software?

Here is the right process for deciding the best ERP college software:
  • First evaluate the specific admin needs for your college. Make a checklist of the vital factors. It includes daily activities, repetitive management issues, communication gaps (if any), and areas that need improvement
  • Next, determine the estimated budget that you can comfortably set apart for buying an ERP system
  • Now, compare top 10 college ERP systems online that are available are affordable for you
  • Patiently check for their features and capabilities and see how they match with your checklist
  • Shortlist a few ERPs that provide the maximum features that you require
  • Liaise with the vendors online and then conduct a face to face meeting. Use your best negotiation skills to see if they may offer some discount depending upon different criteria
  • Don't forget to ask for vital factors like deployment, support, scalability, etc
  • Also make sure that your IT department head and/or other relevant staff should also communicate with the vendor

Before you buy College Management ERP Software you need to consider some important questions as listed below

What are the main features of the college ERP system?

This is certainly the primary thing to consider while buying a college ERP system. You need to be very specific while asking this question from your vendor. Having a thorough knowledge about the features you will get in your college ERP system will help you make the informed decision and save you from investing in a system that doesn’t have the features relevant for your purpose. The easy way to do it is to make a list of the core features/requirements for running your college admin smoothly and then see how the specific college ERP system matches your needs does.

Can your college ERP system be accessed through mobile devices?

Make sure that the ERP system should actively support on-the-go management by providing seamless data and report access across different mobile devices. It should work uniformly on iPhone and Android and should be equipped with features like prompt sending/receiving of reminders, messages, and alerts, push notifications options, actual-time data collection and powerful tracking capabilities

Is your College management software scalable?

Every organization has growth plans and if your college ERP system doesn’t can grow with your college then you may have to change it during each major phase of growth. It not only increases costs but also add to the hassles of migrating available data and going through an additional learning curve. So, invest in the college ERP system that can not only handle a huge traffic volume but also supports multitasking and allows for several simultaneous operations without compromising on the performance.

Can you customize the Campus Management Software ERP?

No two colleges are the same and their day to day management needs are equally different. Using a college ERP system that only supports standard features can limit your capabilities. So, easy customization is the prime requirement for any ideal college ERP system. Make sure that your college ERP system offers comfortable room for customization like menu sorting, rearrangement of key elements, and other usability-friendly customizations.

Does your College ERP Management Software offer required data security?

Your college ERP system would have a huge volume of sensitive and mission-critical data including students’ records, their profiles, and other information that can be misused in many ways if it is stolen by hackers or other malicious elements. So, make sure to buy a premium college ERP system that has built-in sophisticated security features to offer maximum protection to your data against the latest security threats.

Does your College Campus Management Software support cloud-based management?

An ideal college system should fully support cloud-based management so that you won’t have to invest in costly hardware, recruit expensive IT professionals or worry for data backup provisions.

Does your College Software ERP support your budget and usability requirements?

A good college ERP system should come at reasonable prices that align with your budget and it shouldn’t be demanding in terms of deployment or learning requirement. It should have a user-friendly and neat interface along with quick, intuitive steps that allow for smooth functioning.

MasterSoft's College ERP

The College ERP of Mastersoft is strategically designed to efficiently meet the specific needs of day to day college operations It is specially designed to suit the needs of the modern digital-first education system that requires an efficient college ERP system. This college ERP system ensure the smooth and streamlined admin processes for reducing their manual jobs. Besides, it also adds agility to the overall workflow, and helps in monitoring/managing the affairs in an orderly fashion. The default ERP is shipped with more than 30 modules. You can also pick the required module from an additional pro collection of 25 modules as per your requirements. It allows you to take care of the different aspects of your college educational ecosystem

    Salient features
  • Minimum manual work
  • Well Synchronized operations of Academic and non-academic departments
  • Automated report and receipt generation for different modules
  • Data security
  • Affordable scalability
  • High end, purpose-oriented technology
  • Reasonable prices
  • Round the clock support

Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Management Software ERP

Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Management Software ERP is robust college software packing multiple features and functionalities to streamline daily activities. This tool automates diverse operations and syncs them seamlessly to eliminate performance gaps and speed up the process. It is purpose-built to cogently link various management and operations. Collectively, it helps admin realize their short/long term goals with better efficiency and fewer efforts.

    Salient features
  • Reliable Admission management
  • Fee management
  • Attendance and leave tracking
  • Reliable online exam management

Swastin Cloud ERP – School & College

Swastin Cloud ERP focuses on efficient management of diverse procedures. It helps colleges get an accurate picture of how their day to day management is performing. This college ERP software allows admin to detect management gaps and resolve them before they develop into a bigger issue. The college software also has a competent attendance management system. It makes it easier for the admin to ensure that attendance guidelines are being followed. Based on same you can take prompt action when required. Other features include transportation system, various admission procedures, and students’ progress report cards, conduct annual examinations, create student ID cards

    Salient Features
  • Academic record management
  • Complete fees management including collection and reminders
  • Dynamic transport management with route-wise tracking
  • Birthday wish SMS for parents and students
  • Automated list creation for defaulters
  • Fees dues tracking
  • Defaulters list creation
  • Check for price and book free demo of Swastin Cloud ERP software.

Qualsoft eCollege

Qualsoft eCollege ERP holds a respectable position in the educational ERP industry. It has gone through multiple rounds of quality checking and brainstorming sessions with pioneering educationalists, college deans, and management experts. A team of expert technocrats has relentlessly worked on this ERP software. Along with providing a secured learning ecosystem it also supports social learning. Diverse content types and interactive features like audio, video, and chat the ERP software assures a wholesome virtual learning ambiance

    Salient features
  • Online Admission form and registration management
  • Exam Information system
  • Fees Dues and defaulter management
  • Strong provisos for tracking malpractices and frauds
  • Actively supports paperless infrastructure to minimize operating costs and hassles
  • Promotes seamless transparent communication between different departments

Augurs College Management

Trusted as one of the pioneering college management solutions the EduAUG is a high-stamina solution for different colleges. It offers relevant key insights into the teachers’ and students; profiles to facilitate seamless information sharing. The college software also has reliable management provisions for HR and payroll functions. Its well-integrated and secured communication system instantly connects the teachers, admin, parents, and students. The strong admin management functions help school authorities to take complete ownership of their diverse college management requirements

    Salient Features
  • Accurate finance management including payroll accounting and fees
  • Attendance management
  • Sophisticated store and library management
  • Accounting management
  • Hostel management

Sonet College ERP

Along with an advanced reporting provision the Sonet college ERP also ships with a wide set of purpose-specific modules. It allows colleges to directly manage diverse activities with better efficiency. It supports and automates activities like HR and payroll, inventory management, admission procedure, timetable scheduling, and numerous other activities. The generated reports can easily be exported for further perusal. It supports several widely used documentation formats like .csv, .html, .pdf, and .xls among others. Strong performance, reliable security, friendly modules and seamless tracking makes this ERP a preferred choice for the users.

    Salient features
  • Comprehensive moles for
  • Admission forms management
  • Document submission management
  • Academic batch management

EduSys College ERP

This smartly built ERP system is aimed at minimizing the cost and efforts while improving the output quality and productivity. It achieves this by syncing and streamlining diverse activities for everyone including teachers, admin, students, and non-teaching staff. The tool also provides strong workflow automation provisions for key admin functions like e-payment, attendance monitoring, and management. Generating certificates and conducting online exams become easier with this tool. The high-end tracking efficiency further adds to the appeal of this ERP making it an ideal solution for progressive colleges/??

    Salient features
  • Classroom management
  • Curriculum management
  • End to end examination management including grading
  • Placement management
  • Alumnus management
  • Complete admission management including onboarding
  • Fees management
  • Salary management
  • Expense management

Interview Mocha

This is a unique ERP solution for colleges with an objective to provide a single and simple application for admins and other participants. It allows them to efficiently manage work, communication, and reporting. The application is equipped with all the sophisticated yet easy to operate functions. They are aimed at taking complete care of admission, examination, account, inventory, Payroll, HR, reception, hostel, library and more. Along with advanced monitoring and management features the tool also offers dynamic reporting provision. Along with delivering you instant reports to understand key stats at a glance it also enables you to export them in multiple formats. You can pick any format from pdf, CSV, HTML, etc. depending upon your preferences and convenience.

    Salient Features
  • Multiple College Branches Managed under a single solution.
  • Responsive Web application- (Mobile, Tab, Computer)
  • Preconfigured all College policies to minimize user intervention and reduce dependency.
  • Complete college ERP from inquiry to alumni.
  • Managing all stakeholders like Student, Parents, Teacher, Staff, Principal, Admin, Management.
  • Online Fee with instant Easy Loan Facility (Within 2 Minutes/No Guarantor required) for Students
  • Single solution management for multiple college branches
  • A responsive interface that works uniformly across multiple devices like tab, mobile, and computer
  • Preconfigured college policy to reduce guesswork and ensure the best compliance
  • Purpose-built interface and interaction for parents, teachers, students, principal, management admin and staff
  • Online fees management
  • Instant loan facility for online fees without any guarantor
  • Automated workflow with multilevel provisions
  • Mobile app enabled GPS tracking
  • Biometrics IP and other third part ID management


In this digital era more and more colleges are adopting college ERP systems for automating, monitoring, and managing diverse activities. It helps in bringing all the participants together in a single, virtual ecosystem thus promoting transparency, collaboration, and instant communication. However, due to the high availability of ERP systems in the market, it could be difficult to choose the right one. In this blog we have presented some of the highly trusted and popular college ERP system. These collage softwares offer a simple interface, scalable solutions, efficient ecosystem and a wide collection of purpose-built modules.

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