Quick operations, smooth workflow and extended controls for all

Classroom Management

How effectively a teacher can manage the classroom defines the success of the education system of the school. The proper management of classroom goes a long way in ensuring that the classroom is managed appropriately to make sure that the school and students should meet the projected goals promptly. Edecofy is developed to offer the robust classroom management capabilities to meet these objectives.


Complete class management with numeric name, class ID and Teacher

The comprehensive features allows the admin to check the current progress and make sure that the classes are managed appropriately t meet the intended goals. It also makes it easier for the teachers to manage different aspects f a classroom to ensure the best performance.


Easy search box to search any class

With the help of intuitive search box facility the school no more needs to waste much of their time searching for a specific aspect of the classroom. It reduces the time and saves the efforts while preventing them from the costly human errors that could have a definite impact on the overall accuracy.

Teaching multiple sections

One of the major concerns of the teachers is to teach multiple sections while maintaining the uniform performance of each section. Thus the teachers need to have quick access to the easy digital infrastructure that allows them to design the teaching schedule for different sections to meet the specific needs of each section. With the Edecofy’s intentionally built design it becomes easy for the teacher to teach the multiple sections.


Dynamic Section management

The dynamic section management of the Edecofy is so strategically built that the teachers should be able to efficiently manage the vital aspects of the sections in the most rewarding manner that ensures the maximum RoI of the efforts and time invested. It also offers the uniforms benefits to each section. It also maximizes the overall capability of the teachers by offering them the strong features specially designed to help them enjoy the extended control.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy is accurately designed to ensure that all the academic and associated requirements the entire school ecosystems should be precisely interpreted into the technical terms and offered the best digital infrastructure to provide the most result-oriented solution that is aimed at enhancing the overall potential if the schools.


Perfect combination of competency and ease

The Edecofy is specifically aimed at combining the flexibility, efficiency, and ease of use to make sure that eh schools should be able to meet their regular and specific requirements.

Quick to understand

The quick to understand the format of the Edecofy makes sure that event the participants with the basic technical proficiency should be able to gain the maximum rewards out of the ERP software and use the most important and relevant features of the software for their specific purposes.

Automated performance reports

Automated performance reports a regularly be communicated to the parents o keep them apprised the phase to phase development of their ward and it also helps in bridging the communication gap between the parents, teachers and admin tat can go a long way in ensuring the maximum success of the school ecosystem.