Quick operations, smooth workflow and extended controls for all

Library Management System

Library plays a vital role in making sure that the students should have quick access to the friendly earning material and the best of the books. In fact the well managed and well-stocked library is one of the most important infrastructure asset for any school as it makes sure that the students should not only be able to grasp their key subjects more confidently but should also be able to gain the maximum insights on a given subject with the help of the additional literature written in a friendly manner and comprehensible format.


Complete Librarian Information

Any school needs to have the quick information about their library and the related personnel in the most comprehensible format that allows them to have instant updates on the current requirements while at the same time enjoying the extended control over the Library. With the help of Edecofy, the schools can now enjoy a firm grip over heir library by accessing the key information in a friendly and quick manner.


Supports multiple modifications for each librarian

The library management is an ongoing activity that needs multiple modifications to ensure the best advantages to both the students as well as the schools. With the help of its strong and flexible modification facility, the Edecofy allows the Librarians to confidently take care of the changing needs of their library and easily manage the day to day requirements without any issues.

Books management

Proper book management is the vital feature of any library and this the Edecofy’s friendly book management system helps the librarians and schools to take the best care of their books and make sure that the regularly required books are available at any time and are in the best condition.


Why Edecofy?

Edecofy is designed to offer the robust capabilities to all the participants to makes sure that each of them should have a quick access to the most updated information. It even makes sure that even the parents with the most basic technical knowledge should be able to use it without requiring any deep learning curve.


Quick Communication

The quick communication s the prime requirements for the school ecosystem to ensure that every participant should remain connected and be apprised of the latest developments. The Edecofy’s’ friendly and instant messaging facility makes sure that the schools hold to be able to release the most vital combination promptly to a sure that every participant of the school's ecosystem should enjoy the best communication.

No steep learning curve required

One of the major constraints for the parents that might discourage them to use the best features of any ERP system is the steep earning curve, That is why every feature of the Edecofy is designed to offer the quick functionality with easy steps.

Detailed report generation

The detailed reporting and well structured visual formats of the development cycle of the students play a key role in any school ERP system. Edecofy’s automated reporting presented in a friendly visual format and with instant sending facility makes sure that the reports should be shred immediately to every participant in a friendly format.