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Class Routine Management

The daily routine of a class eventually determines the overall potential of a school. He best schools in the world have a well-designed class routine to multiply the capabilities of the students and enhance the school’s reputation. Edecofy’s Class routine management is very carefully crafted to comprise all the major features required for monitoring the class performance and determine the best routine of the class based on the age, interests, and potential of the students. The intelligent design of school time table software makes sure that each minute of the school is utilized for the maximum progress of students.


Focused at managed routine activities

Edecofy’s class schedule software aims to reduce the efforts of the teachers by wisely managing diverse daily activities. Proper management ensures deep and purposes specific monitoring that in turn accelerates the efforts to fine-tune the class routine.


Day to day performance on multiple aspects

Class routine management not only focuses on several academic and associated performances but also allows the teachers to understand the different aspects of the activities. The strategically designed school class schedule software allows them to wisely concentrate their efforts on the major aspects without going through the hassles of micromanaging different aspects at the same time.

Easy to change settings

Depending upon the convenience, intent, and requirements the teachers can wisely change the setting of the feature for easy operations that are objective-oriented and suit the immediate needs. Once the present need is met the teachers can again reset the settings or change them to meet their new requirements.


Flexible module to support an individual’s capabilities

One of the major concerns of the schools is to support the individual’s development without overburdening the teachers. With the help of its flexible module, the Edecofy allows the teachers to manage the individual students without multiplying their stress. It keeps the teachers engaged and interested in their tasks and proactively take the responsibilities of the individual development of students.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy is diligently designed after investing lots of hours, relentless research and deep efforts to provide a dependable one-stop solution for the schools that is effective, easy and efficient enough to handle the diverse aspects, departments, and activities of a school. In short, it is the single turnkey school ERP solution with scalable performance to meet the fluctuating demands of a school.


Friendly design

The design was the prime importance for our team while developing Edcofy. The challenge was to include the comprehensive list of features and menus without overwhelming the users. After thorough brainstorming, we came up with the design where all the key features are intelligently positioned and the proper spacing, fonts, and icons are being used to keep the design retina-friendly

Efficient functionality

Efficient functionality often demands complex processes but Edecofy is an exception here. Our software and design experts have combined the best efficiency with simplicity in such an excellent manner that even the nontechnical parents would be able to use it as effectively as the technically proficient teachers.

Comprehensive 360-degree insights

Comprehensive insights on different aspects, activities, and tasks help the school admin, parents and teachers to quickly quantify the performance of various students, classes, departments, and personnel.