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Study Materials and inventory management

Proper inventory management is t the core of healthy study materials management. With the help of Edecofy’s well designed and purpose rented architecture to now possible for the schools to confidently manage their study material inventory to maintain regular availability while at the same time initiating the timely actions as per the requirements.


Managing study material prices and purchase

The prices and the order purchase management ensure that the schools should quickly get the required stocks of the books at the favorable prices that will be affordable both for the schools as well as the students. The Edecofy’s purpose-oriented features ensure that the school should e able to make the well-informed decisions regarding the purchases of the study materials wile at the same time have a confident group over the pricing to allow their students enjoy the bets material at he friendly prices without affecting the financial health of the school.


Student transactions

To make sure that the study materials sales are following a healthy transaction pattern and current availability is managed in the best way to get the projected availability of the material, the Edecofy offers a strategically architected system for student transaction and current availability status. These vital features along with the advanced order management system make sure that the students and schools should be able to maintain the sufficient availability of study materials without investing too much time, efforts or attention.

Easy to use functionalities

With simple functionalities and intuitive digital ecosystem the Edecofy allows schools to confidently manage various aspects related to the study materials and inventory management. It ensures that the entire inventory is managed on a regular basis in such a way that the schools and students should be able to gain the maximum benefits with the help of quick availability, easy transaction system and well managed operations.


Why Edecofy?

Developed with a keen attention to the details, the Edecofy is a robust, feature-rich School ERP system that is especially designed to meet the major requirements needed for the healthy school management. By wisely utilizing Edecofy the admin, teachers, students and parents can enjoy the maximum rewards out of the schooling system.


Smooth and streamlined functions

The smooth and streamlined functions of Edecofy make sure that the schools should be able to gain the best performance and productivity out of their entire staff. It eventually helps the students to enjoy a robust and steady growth.

Well designed interface

The well designed interface of Edecofy offers the most relevant features at the eye friendly position to make sure that the admin, teachers or parents don’t have to go through a complicated navigation ordeal to find the frequently used features. The wise use of icons and specific colors further adds to the convenient viewing and quick operations.

All-inclusive approach to help every department

The Edecofy makes sure that each department of the school should be able to prove itself to be an important asset by offering the value based services to the school. This all-inclusive approach also makes sure that the entire system of schools should work in tandem to ensure the robust multi-faceted growth of school and the students.