Quick operations, smooth workflow and extended controls for all


The dashboard of any software is the platform where the participants can interact with other members, execute the tasks and perform various software related activities. That is why he dashboard of the School ERP system must be well designed to offer the best features as well as simple operations so that all the members should be able to enjoy the uniform experience/ Edecofy’s dashboard is designed keeping this concept in mind. The quick operations and easy functionalities make sure that everyone should be able to gain the maximum benefit/ It helps everyone to meet their respective goals faster.


Well structured dashboard

The intuitively structured dashboard of Edecofy invites the members to utilize best features of the software without going through any tiresome exercises. It also ensures that the most relevant and frequently used features should be placed in such a manner that the members should use them almost intuitively.


Powerful centralized control

The powerful central control plays a vital role in the ERP of the responsible organizations like schools. With the help of the extended controls, wider capabilities and admin privileges the school admin enjoys the best central control that allows it to capably manage and modify the various aspects fir meeting the short terms and long term objectives.

Visual friendly interface

The interface is so diligently developed that it seamlessly caters to the relevant needs of the different members. Friendly visual ecosystem along with advanced features and a wide inventory of tools make sure that each member should no only be able t view the information but actively interact with the system to their best advantage. It helps in constant coordination among all.


Why Edecofy?

Edecofy possesses a prime position as the new-age user-friendly School ERP system that comprises of the best features, uncompromised performance and extended control. It also enables the members of the education ecosystem to quickly assess the growth of the students with the help of auto-generated reports. Thus eth schools can take the best action depending upon the present status of the students.


Easy to measure potential

The schools would be ale t develop students only if they are well aware of their potential. Edecofy’s strong quantifiable parameters make it very easy for the teachers to accurately measure the overall performance of the students on both academic and non-academic front. It allows them to offer a customized development plan to different students meeting their capabilities and respecting the natural limitations.

Teacher-friendly stricture

The teachers play the most crucial role in the school as they are the one who imparts the knowledge to eh students. Keeping this in mind the Edecofy is developed to offer the best capabilities to the teachers so that they can confidently manage the entire class while paying proper attention to the wholesome development of every student

Best returns with least efforts

One of the man advantages of Edecofy is to help the users to reduce their efforts and save their precious time while maximizing the output. Thus the teachers or school admin can save their energy for the core objectives while investing the reliably low time on digital management.