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Expense Management

Budgeting plays a vital role in any school. An appropriately planned budget makes sure that the school can meet its responsibilities without being limited by the resources. One of the prime requirements here is to carefully manage the expenses and appropriate record-keeping along with streamlined processes plays the key role here. That is why the Edecofy is loaded with the friendly interface that makes it easy for the relevant departments and personnel to capably manage the expenses while at the same time the easy visual ecosystem allows the members to keep a tab on their expenses by understanding the areas of improvement.


Add school expenses

Edecofy makes it easy to add the school expenses to the system without going through any cumbersome process or hassles. It helps the school admin to efficiently add the school expenses and start the automated expense management journey that can help them in realizing the financial goals and enjoy steady prosperity.


Keep track of expenses

With its excellent automated tracking capabilities, the Edecofy allows school admin to keep the best track of the expenses that can help them gain the maximum control over the budget and plan the expenses in such a way to promote the healthy saving. By reducing the expenses the increased savings ca is utilized towards the development of his educational activities that will ensure the best development of the students.

Set a separate category for school expenses

Proper categorization is the prime requirements to manage the school expenses confidently. With the help of quick and easy categorization features the Edecofy allows the schools to manage their school's expenses without any stress. The neat and well organized visual display also makes sure that it is easy for the schools to quickly understand the major expenses and their RoI that enable them to follow the best practices and save a good amount.


Why Edecofy?

The excellently built interface of Edecofy makes sure that the schools should be able to gain maximum control over the ERP system and enjoys the best output with reasonably low efforts. It is designed to auto-generate eh various reports for different departments of the school for helping them in smooth operations.


Just a few clicks required

The Edecofy is built in such a way that the teachers and students would require just a few clicks to perform various activities. The easy functionality also allows the parents to actively participate in various communications without having to go through any tedious processes.

Quick output

The well-coordinated functionalities of Edecofy make sure that the members of the school management ecosystem should be able to enjoy the best performance with the help of collective efforts. It also allows teachers and parents to collaborate in the best manner.

Automated performance status

To make sure that the students should be imparted the best education, the Edecofy offers automated performance status that focuses on various aspects of the development and presents the same in a comprehensive yet easy to understand format. It helps the schools fine-tune the learning journey for the students to best meet their present requirements.