Quick operations, smooth workflow and extended controls for all

User-friendly ecosystem

The user-friendly ecosystem of Edecofy is so exquisitely built that even the participants with the very basic knowledge of technology could also be able to use the Edecofy for their relevant purposes without seeking any external help.


Smooth operations

Quick and smooth operations can go a long way in streamlining the entire workflow. Considering this, the Edecofy is specially architected to allow for quick operations without compelling the participants to invest too many efforts or going through a tedious process. Along with adding speed to the overall process it also ensures the instant execution of ideas and concepts that helps the schools to convert their concepts into initiatives without unnecessary delays.


Role-defined system

The role defined system makes sure that the school admin should be able to encourage the positive hierarchical cycle and promote the responsible use of the system. It also helps the senior management staff to ensure that the crucial operations should be handled only by the candidates who have a certain expertise in the field. Easy to define access rules also makes it simple for the management to distribute and limit the rights as per the changing needs.

Extended control

The school admin can enjoy the extended control over the key features of the Edecofy to make sure that they can initiate the best practices while monitoring the activity of very user it ensures a healthy and well guided functioning of the software and promotes the best interests of all.


Why Edecofy?

Edecofy is a diligently developed School ERP system that is aimed at capably managing the diverse aspects of the school system to make sure that the entire ecosystem should be properly managed and monitored to enjoy the best benefits we have carefully combined the deep thoughts with the innovative practices to make sure that the Edecofy should not only be loaded with the latest features but should also fit seamlessly into the work culture of different schools.


No deep navigation needed

One of the major limitations that that annoys the school admin, teachers and parents is the deep navigation. In today’s fast world it is very difficult to spare time for navigating and wading through different processes. That is why Edecofy is developed to offer quick processes with instant steps and minimal navigation that helps the participants to quickly execute various tasks.

Supports nontechnical members

The technology only holds prime importance if it is easy to be used by both technical and nontechnical clients without any limitations. The innovative technology behind Edecofy makes sure that the most advanced features should be presented in such a manner that even the people with the least technical knowledge should also be able to execute them without any difficulty.

Multiple formats of communication

Communication holds a key position in the school's management ecosystem. That is why the Edecofy fully supports multiple communication formats. The school admin can communicate directly with the parents and teachers using system interface, mobile apps or even SMS notifications. Thus the communicating is not limited by the connectivity.