Quick operations, smooth workflow and extended controls for all

Accounts Management

Accounts department is at the core of the financial health of any organization. That is why the Edecofy offers a feature-rich accounts management functionality to the schools so that they can confidently take care of the various accounts related tasks and enjoy the positive growth along with steady prosperity. It helps the school to thrive and prosper while also allocating sufficient funds to ensure constant all-round development of students


Productive online payment management

With the help of an efficient yet easy payment management system, the schools can enjoy the best blend of simplicity and sophisticated capabilities. At the same time, it enables the schools to have extended control over diverse aspects of the payment process.


Complete fee collection solutions

With the help of end to end fee collection software the schools can easily collect the fees, calculate the dues, add fines or other additional charges as well and also change the settings for better control.

Comprehensive system for academic/accessories fees

Various expenses associated with extracurricular activities and the tangible academic products are to be calculated separately. Edecofy’s flexible accounts management system allows the accounts department to competently take care of such expenses as well.


E-payment options including paytm and Paypal payment

One of the main issues that might delay the payment of fees or other expenses is the inability of parents to initiate the transfer. To ease the payment procedures for the parents, the Edecofy offers a well-streamlined payment procedure via PayTm or Paypal.

Global records at a glance

The accounts staffs need to understand the big picture for having a quick overview and offering the relevant suggestions to the admin. Edecofy’s easy to understand interface allows them to check various records at a glance and come up with the most appropriate suggestions based o the same.


Why Edecofy?

The main aim of the schools is to develop the students and equip them with the best skills to emerge as a responsible citizen. For ensuring the overall development of the students the schools need easy access to the reports. It enables them to measure the growth of the students from time to time and in different spheres.


Easy processes

The extremely easy processes ensure that even the participants with most basic technical knowledge like some parents; can also be able to use the ERP system with ease

Deep insight reports

The Edecofy’s dynamic monitoring system ensures incisive insights on multiple aspects of the class routine and creates the comprehensive reports o the same that presents the entire picture to the teachers.

Fewer efforts and zero delays

Edecofy’s smart architecture allows the school admin to take quick action to promote healthy development while eliminating or minimizing human errors. Eventually, it allows the schools to constantly develop the potential to their students, teachers, and staff.

Multiple features to ensure the best output

Various factors affect the results of the examination like class routine, students’ engagement, timetable, etc. By wisely utilizing all these features to their best potential the scopolamine and teacher can better manage the overall performance of students throughout the year that enables steady development.