Quick operations, smooth workflow and extended controls for all

Message System (SMS Notification)

It is not easy for the parents, teachers or admin to keep on checking the ERP entire time as their time is divided among several activities. With the help of timely messaging, the Edecofy allows the parents to keep minute to minute track of all the important events and instances that hold key value to them. Right from the transport-related issues to notifying the parents about the current development/performance and examination marks, the dynamic school message sending software of Edecofy ensures that the entire information that holds prime value for the parents and admin should be communicated instantly. It also allows the participants to discuss the most vital issues confidently.


Quick SMS notifications

To keep the things simple during limited access Edecofy offers prompt sms gateway software to handle the crucial events without promptly. It also assures he streamlined and prompt communication across different participants irrespective of eh device they are currently using or their preferred messaging service.


Emergency information

Whether the vehicle breaks down midway or any other issue happens on the road, the emergency information can be delivered to the parents within moments to enable quick action before the situation worsens. Edecofy’s strongly built emergency information system makes sure that every urgent issue should be resolved before it poses a greater risk.

Student’s attendance results

Many time the parents might not be aware of there ward attendance due to the workload or other issues and it could lead to the unhealthy practice of being absent from the school without telling the parents. With the help of comprehensive student’s attendance information the Edecofy helps the parents to keep a tab on the real attendance of their ward and take the quick action


Fee balance alerts

Inability to pay the fees promptly harms the interests of the schools as well as the students. Busy parents may forget about depositing the fees or could not deposit it due to the overload of work. With the help of quick fees balance alerts the parents would be able to pay the fees promptly thus eliminating the hassles associated with late payment of fees.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy is built after a thorough, in-depth study of the present schooling system, the popular School ERP systems, and the gap between expectations and delivery. We have added the most comprehensive features with extended controls while keeping the interface intuitive and simple.


Developed after thorough discussions

We have organized meetings with numerous schools and consulted with the best principals, teachers, students, and parents to come up with the innovative software that is aimed at simplifying the daily routine while enhancing the overall productivity. Futuristic design

Easily accommodates future needs

To offer you the software that is fully capable of taking care of the future needs we have wisely designed the software to instantly accommodate the future needs of the schools without any hassles.

Tested for real-time proficiency

We are well aware of the accuracy and promptness requirements of the schools and that is why the Edecofy is checked by our team of senior testers with years of experience work and proves its worth even during the most demanding situations like in the middle examination or while facing the connectivity issues. So you can always remain assured of the excellent functionality regardless of your demands and situations.