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Teacher Management

Schools need to ensure that the teachers should follow the best standards and most ethical practices while at the same time initiate a system to help the new teachers to gain the maximum capabilities and strong leadership traits. At the same time, they also need to have a proper system to ensure that each teacher can deliver the result-oriented performance according to their potential. The Edecofy comes loaded with friendly features for all-round teacher management.


Teacher ID and photo

The proper provisioning of teachers plays a vital role in measuring that the schools have quick and easy access to each teacher that allows them to efficiently monitor them using the digital format. That is why the Edecofy offers the teacher profiles along with there ID as well as the photos.


Complete online and offline contact info

The detailed contact info of the teachers ensures that the admin should be able to have proper ongoing communication with specific teachers without any hassles. It also makes sure that the schools should be able to have a definite system of monitoring the overall performance over the teaching staff and understanding the strengths as well as the weakness.

Multiple options for adding, editing or deleting

With the help of simple interface and diverse friendly options for adding deleting or editing the staff the Edecofy allows the school adding to confidently manage the big picture of their teaching ecosystem and keep on maintaining the friendly digital infrastructure that is well equipped to take care of the most vital aspects and ensures that the admin should have access to the most important information without any irrelevant details that can complicate the functionality or cogs up the system. Robust controlling features also make sure that the schools should enjoy the extended control over the monitoring of teaching ecosystem and ensuring the healthy and most rewarding educational ambiance in the school


Why Edecofy?

The Edecofy is a truly one-stop School ERP solution that allows the admin to enjoy wide capabilities and offers a healthy environment to every participant of the school to thrive and gain most rewards out of their efforts.


Easy interface

The easy to use interface of the Edecofy makes sure that the schools should be able to enjoy the most reputed status while at the same time ensuring the most rewarding experience to both the students as well as their parents. It also makes sure that the technical limitation should not be a hindrance to the best use of the ERP software.

Result oriented features

The result-oriented features of the Edecofy are so wisely developed that the schools won’t find t difficult to meet their goals on a timely basis and it helps both the schools as well as the parents. Needless to say, it offers the greatest rewards to the students and helps them in their overall development.

Best monitoring system

The best monitoring system offered by the Edecofy makes sure that the schools should have the quick access to the current status of the most vital aspects that help them to design the journey accordingly and making sure that each student should be able to enjoy the maximum rewards as per their potential.