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student housing software (Dormitory Management)

School Dormitory helps the students to comfortably reside in the school building that helps in their overall development by offering them an exclusive educational ambiance free from disturbances. However, it also increases the responsibility of the school admin and thus it becomes highly important to manage the dormitory properly so that the students can gain maximum rewards out of their dormitory stay while at the same time the teachers and staff (wardens, pantry, etc.) should be able to offer their best potential with the help of well-managed workflow and planning.


Dormitory Fees Management

The structure and amount of the Dormitory fees are very different than the general school fees. That is why Edecofy offers a well-designed and comprehensive dorm management software for effectively calculating the fees including various costs and break it up in a comprehensible manner >>


Current status of rooms

With the help of easy room management feature, you can easily check the current status of the room ensuring that there is sufficient availability of the rooms to accommodate the students comfortably. At the same time, it also allows the schools to take the best measure for managing empty rooms. Edecofy’s efficient student housing management feature makes the things easier for you.

Total number of rooms with capacity

Before inviting the students for dormitory facility it is important to keep in mind the total number of rooms, as well as their capacity as the size of rooms, may differ. With the Edecofy’s student housing management software, you can easily access the updated status of these 2 vital aspects i.e., number and capacity of rooms)


Extended management capabilities

It is very important to properly manage the day to day affairs of the hostel so that there shouldn’t be any issue or lack of resources affecting the reputation. With the comprehensive features and extended control over the dormitory management, you can now have the maximum control over the thing. >>

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy is the excellently designed School management ERP system that helps the admin, parents, and students to meet their objectives by facilitating their tasks and offering deep insights. It also adds agility to the entire workflow while enhancing accuracy.


Uncomplicated processes

After a thorough study of various school EP software, the Edecofy has been specifically developed to include the best features of the system while eliminating the weak points. Its uncomplicated processes ensure that everyone in the ecosystem should be able to communicate and coordinate with each other.

Periodical alerts

It is very important to keep on updating the admin, teacher, students, and staff regarding the current status of the various key aspects that are most important to them. It also helps in keeping everyone in the loop and eventually results in a good rapport among all. Edecofy's multi-platform alerting services are designed to meet the key information requirements of all the members

Ensuring healthy finance management

How effectively you tackle your finance directly impacts the overall returns and income potential of a school with the help of strongly built finance management feature the school can take compete for care of fees, dormitory, school products, and other general modes of income.