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Fees Management

The streamlined fees management is a prime necessity for the school due to the obvious reasons, i.e., meeting expenses and funding various development activities. Edecofy offers the Best school fees management software confidently manage diverse issues related to the fees payment, fines, and other associated aspects.


Automated fee processes

For the best results, the fees management process should not overexert the staff with the clerical tasks as it absorbs their attention and prevents them from looking at the bigger picture. That is why the Edecofy’s automated Fee Collection Software requires a minimum, almost zero clerical jobs to reduce the time and efforts while also eliminating the chances of human errors.


Quick transfers for streamlined workflow

The entire fees management ecosystem of Edecofy is intentionally built to promote quick transfers for streamlining the entire workflow. It assures an agile system with positive output within the stipulated period and without going through repetitive tasks.

Tracking student’s fee structure reports

The detailed study of fee structure helps the school admin to break the fees into multiple specific expenses that can play a vital role in determining the amount of the fees to meet with the latest developments to ensure fair fees for the parents without incurring a loss.


Robust Student Fees Collection Software

Fee planning is a crucial activity that comprises of various tasks and can get complicated if not handled properly. It is humanly very difficult to initiate a multi-department discussion on planning the fees without upsetting the regular tasks. However, the strong planning feature of Fee Management Software allows the admin, teachers and other related staff, to wisely plan the fees that are precisely calculated considering various macro and micro-costing factors.

Dues and Fines calculation

While the schools do offer some grace period to the student for depositing their fees, occasionally it becomes mandatory to impose the fines. For that, the schools need a confident and reliable system for calculating the dues and accumulated or present fines. With the quick and advanced School Fee Management Software of Edeecofy, you can easily calculate the collective dues on a specific student and the total fine.


Why Edecofy?

Equipped with the carefully developed capabilities and premium functionalities the Edecofy assures to offer a dependable solution for the school admin, teachers, students, and parents.


Graphical and eye-friendly interface

The graphical and eye-friendly interface helps the admin to perform several activities without investing lots of time or efforts. It also helps the parents to quickly check the growth of their ward without juggling with the technology.

Strong evaluation features

Student Development is the major concern for all the school and that is why the Edecofy is equipped with objective-based evaluation features to measure the students’ performance based on various parameters and activities. It helps the schools to understand the academic ad nonacademic potential of the student.

Parent-friendly ecosystem

While the school admin plays a vital role in the students' development the parents should also be appraised of their ward’s development throughout different phases. The intuitive interface invites the parents to manage and overview the growth of their children without going through the technical hassle.