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Examination Management

The examination system helps the schools to reward the merit of the students and promote them to the next standard. Here one of the major concerns of the schools is to make sure that the examinations should be conducted most beneficially to ensure that the deserving students should get the maximum benefits out of their hard work and academic excellence while ensuring the merit-based results that perfectly meet the real values of the education system. The Edecofy’s well-developed examination management system makes sure that the schools should be able to conduct the examinations in the best manner that offers the maximum rewards to the deserving students as per their merit and preparation.


Exam list creation

With the help of Edecofy’s examination management system, the schools can easily create the exam list in the friendliest manner to make sure that the entire list follows the specific pattern aimed at the projected development of the students. It also helps the students to gain most out of their time and efforts.


Exam Marks management

Proper marks management plays a key part in ensuring the best possible returns and makes sure that the students are offered the best rewards that perfectly meet their merit and preparation. The Edecofy’s well-intended design makes sure that it is easy for the schools to mage the exam marks depending upon specific parameters to perfectly convey the current status of the students.

Facility to quickly send marks via SMS

The examination reports need to be planned efficiently and presented in a friendly manner so that the teachers, students, and parents should understand the vital status at a glance without having to invest too many efforts or an unreasonably long time. It would also be eye-friendly and offers a comprehensive understanding. How quickly the reports are sent to the parents and students is equally important for the same purpose the Edecofy offers quick SMS notification to enable the schools to instantly send marks through SMS. It also helps the schools to create the question paper, examination grades, tabulation sheets tat allows proper management of eh entire examination ecosystem .


Why Edecofy?

Edecofy is developed to offer the best features to the school admin, parents and teachers to assure the overall growth of the student and promise a robust, constant development. It is specially developed to almost eliminate the clerical job while enhancing the efficiency.


Promotes progressive approach

Edecofy’s intelligent architecture makes sure that schools should also be able to cater to the special requirements to the best of their capabilities. It also allows the schools to adopt a progressive approach towards the entire education system. Most importantly they can be able to communicate the vital information, advice or tips quickly with the help of easily accessible contact information.

Adds more capability

The easy to use efficient features of Edecofy adds the vital capacity to the teachers, students and admin to ensure that they should be able to enjoy the maximum potential out of their qualifications and impart the best possible rewards to the students.

Easy for all

Best School ERP system should not only support the direct participants like admin, teachers and staff but should also be able to offer strong capabilities to the remote but vitally important participants, i.e., the parents. That is why Edecofy offers the intuitive interface that is easy for the parents regardless of their technical and time limitations.