Quick operations, smooth workflow and extended controls for all

Finance Management

Edecofy offers a robust, dynamic and purpose-built finance management system with an intuitive interface and easy functionalities requiring simple steps. It allows the school admin to effectively manage the diverse aspects of the finance management to meet the financial goals that enable them to meet the expenses confidently and ensure smooth functioning of the school


Fees payment

Timely payment of tuition fees helps the schools to pay timely salary to teaching and non-teaching staff that can have a definite impact on the quality of services. The quick and feature-rich fees payment system of Edecofy allows the schools to quickly check the dues to ensure timely payments and manage fines.


Single solution for the school’s financial management

Along with the fess management, the finance managed feature of Edecofy allows the school admin to confidently manage various other aspects of the departments and activities that directly impact the overall financial health of the schools and ensures the smooth stream of income to manage the expenses.

Streamlined system for smooth operations

To help the school admin to quickly get the detailed reports on the financial status of different departments the finance feature also offers a detailed overview in a comprehensible visual format. It allows the admin to take quick note on the financial details and take prompt actions for managing and improving the same.


Simple interface for quick management

One of the major hurdles that can hinder financial management activities is to go through a tedious and complicated technical exercise. That is why the Edecofy is built to provide an intuitive eye-friendly dashboard that makes it extremely easy for the users to take control of the finance management without having to go through any tedious process or steep learning curve.

Why Edecofy?

While there are several school ERP systems, not many of them boast to offer a one-stop reliable solution for meeting the latest needs and fulfilling future requirements of the modern schools. Edecofy prides itself among just a few School ERP systems that are purpose-built to cater to the latest requirements of the modern schools while at the same time building an ecosystem tat proactively accommodate the upcoming needs in the future.


Reduces time and efforts

Edecofy is especially built to reduce the time and efforts without compromising on the results so that the school admin can enjoy the true capabilities of the ERP systems without having to learn complicated technical processes. It is so easy that you can start using it efficiently with just minimal efforts.

Promotes constant engagement

To encourage the working parents to participate in their ward’s education and development the decoy offers several sophisticated features like mobile app facility, SMS notifications, cloud-based connectivity and prompt communication facilities.

Easy way to track development

The school admin can only be able to impart value education to the students if it can easily track their development and spot the gaps. Edecofy’s quick and user-friendly interface along with intuitive functionality allows the admin to apprise itself of the latest developments in the students' growth and recognize eh major areas of improvement.