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Notice Board / Announcement Management

Important announcements need to be broadcasted promptly and convey the precise message without hiding or exaggeration. Think of it as the notice board of the school that offers quick and unaltered message most effectively. Edecofy’s announcement management is so deftly designed that it capably broadcasts the precise message in a straightforward manner that can easily be understood and quickly convey the key communication in the instantly comprehensible format.


Announcement of holidays, examination and special events

Special events like examinations, unscheduled holidays and other such events need to be conveyed quickly and in the format test precisely conveys the message in the concise format to the students and parents. Edecofy’s notification system fully supports the precise ad prompt communication in the digital format.


Instant notification services via mobile

To make sure that the time-sensitive message should not get delayed due to the lack of connectivity or other technical issues the Edecofy fully supports mobile communication. Using the best suitable format the instant notification can also be conveyed via mobile to the different participants of the school management ecosystem.

Timely alerts regarding fees and dues

Fees payment, monthly attendance and apprising the parents about the current progress status are some other major information that certainly needs to be communicated in the timely fashion. With the help of Edecofy’s feature-rich messaging system it is now fully possible to communicate such time-sensitive information promptly and in the comprehensible quick format that can be understood at a glance.


Why Edecofy?

Edecofy is a sophisticated school management system that is intended to offer the best nave friendly feature the admin, teacher, and parents that allows them to ensure the content developmental the students to meet heir vital capabilities and promote the best personality traits. Edecofy is strategically built to provide a wise and purpose-oriented solution to the major issues of the entire school management ecosystem. It is highly sophisticated and developed by the expert professionals of software and academic fields to make sure.


Comprehensive and easy to understand

The comprehensive yet easy to understand reporting system of the Edecofy makes sure that the schools should be able to have the detailed information of e students without a stressing visual format it also helps the parents to have quick and detailed information on their ward’s development and requiring.

Flexible capabilities

The flexible management capabilities of Edecofy makes sure that the schools should be able to enjoy the maximum flexibility to manage the different aspects and making the required changes to meet the long and short term goals for ensuring full round development of the students at every stage.

Robust interface

Edecofy offers a robust and dynamic interface to confidently manage multiple departments including the library, accounts, study material, classrooms, and dormitory management. It helps the schools to ensure a vital and constant overall development. It not only helps the schools to follow a healthy schedule without any performance lags but also proactively helps the students to gain the best returns out of their efforts depending upon their merit, potential, and ability.