Quick operations, smooth workflow and extended controls for all

Result-oriented Attendance Monitoring and Management

Attendance plays the foundation role in the overall development of a student. That is why we have invested deep, strategic ideas to develop an easy, effective and user-friendly attendance management for the schools.


Some of the major features of our attendance management system are as follows:

Monitoring Students’ daily attendance with dynamic capabilities

Many times, the lack of healthy communication between the students and teachers is the reason behind low attendance. Our easy attendance monitoring solution enables the teachers to quickly get key insights into the total attendance and consult the students on low attendance.


Streamlined communication among all participants

Our attendance management features are equipped with quick interaction modes and support multiple channels/devices. With real-time communication, the school admin can quickly alert the parents and thus reduce the instances of uninformed absence.

Quick and straightforward process

Our attendance monitoring systems allow the users to actively participate in the ecosystem without any time-consuming technical process. That is why we have kept our interface so simple and intuitive that the school admin doesn’t have to go through any complex or tedious technical process for using the features.


Intuitive interface to maximize interaction

At Edecofy we firmly believe that the benefits from technology can only be reaped if everyone in the ecosystem can uniformly use it regardless of the knowledge, time or commitments. That is why we have kept our interface so intuitive that even the parents with minimum technical knowledge can also check the attendance of their ward and take corrective actions.

Purpose Oriented Software

Our software team collaborated with senior teaching staff, seasoned school admin personnel and parents/students groups to come up with the purpose-oriented software that offers strategic solutions to major pain-points of modern schooling ecosystem.


Detailed Students’ attendance report

Based on the daily inputs the Edecofy automatically creates the detailed Students’ attendance report to offer the big picture at the end of every month/quarter. It also helps the teachers to ensure that the students should meet the minimum recommended attendance for appearing in the central board examinations.

Why choose Edecofy?

While there are many School ERP systems available in the market, Edecofy is designed to hold a distinguished position. With its robust features, uncompromised functionalities and wide-ranging capabilities, Edecofy assure healthy school management that meets the diverse purpose of all the participants. Here are some of the unique points of Edecofy:


Tested for real-time benefits

Each feature of our school software is tested by seasoned testing professional to ensure that it seamlessly fits into the work culture of the school without interrupting the regular schedule.

Intuitive interface

The intuitive interface invites all the participants to proactively coordinate with each other without the boundaries f knowledge, convenience or device

Uncompromised efficiency

Uncompromised efficiency and purpose-oriented features are 2 major USPs of Edecofy that allows the participants to gain the maximum RoI of their time, attention and efforts.