Quick operations, smooth workflow and extended controls for all

Transportation management

Our transport management feature is specially designed to tackle all your transport-related issues without any hassles. Transport plays a critical role in the student’s life and it is the responsibility of the school to ensure the complete safety of its students while commuting. Promptness, accuracy and real-time updates play the key role here and that is why Edecofy is wisely designed to offer the strong school transportation management that ensures complete safety by keeping all the participants in the loop and enabling accurate, real-time tracking.


Location-based solution

Whether it is pick-up location, drop location or the route in between, our location-based school transportation management system helps you to confidently track the entire transportation ecosystem and be updated with instant real-time info. Edecofy’s Best School Bus Routing Software offers the complete route info in real-time.


Designed to ensure safe transportation

Right from quick coordination facilities to the diverse communication features, we have very carefully designed the school transportation management software to ensure the maximum safety of all the students.

Additional security for emergencies

One of the major concerns for any school admin or parent is to handle the emergency. You need to act fast and take quick steps. The Edecofy’s School Transport Software comes equipped with the most sophisticated features that are specially designed to align with the best security guidelines to ensure the extra layer of safety.


Multi-device communication

We have purposefully designed our communication interface and functionality in such a way that every participant of the ecosystem can quickly communicate with each other using intuitive features without being limited by the device or technical knowledge. Being a cloud-based school management system you can communicate via smartphones; laptops etc. and even during the lack of net connectivity you can still send instant SMS to the parents, teachers or related personnel.

Efficient monitoring of driver’s skills

Needless to say, Driver plays the prime role in the transportation and the first thing to ensure safe transportation is to monitor the driver’s performance and his adherence to the safety guidelines. By wisely using the key features of our School Bus Management Software you would be able to keep a track of the driver’s speed, his adherence to traffic rules, driving style and other key factors that directly or indirectly impact the safety of the students. What’s more, you can quickly communicate with the driver when you observe something suspicious (like deviating from the normal route) or unacceptable (like speeding up or overtaking from the wrong side).


Why Edecofy?

Edecofy is wisely developed to interpret all the key requirements of diverse participants of a school ecosystem into the technical specifications. Besides, it is well suited to meet the short term and along with term objectives of the school, students and parents.


Fully capable features

The robust and dynamic features of Edecofy are fully capable to tackle various regular and special requirements.

Intuitive interface

The intuitive interface invites all the participants to proactively coordinate with each other without the boundaries f knowledge, convenience or device

Uncompromised efficiency

Uncompromised efficiency and purpose-oriented features are 2 major USPs of Edecofy that allows the participants to gain the maximum RoI of their time, attention and efforts.