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Syllabus Management

To make sure that the students should be able to et the more out of their session the syllabus needs to be designed very carefully. At the same time, the teachers are required to manage the years in such a manner that ensures the proper adherence to the syllabus to deliver the intended benefits to the students in the best manner. The syllabus needs to be designed in such a way that the contents should be easily and naturally absorbed by the students. Edecofy’s syllabus management system is so accurately designed that it not only helps the teachers to properly schedule the syllabus but also makes sure that the students should be able to complete the entire syllabus within the stipulated period without compromising on the quality of learning.


Subject management system

The wisely designed subject management system prevents the teachers from upsetting the pace of learning by allowing them to have a quick and firm grip on the subject content, time allocation and ensuring proper imparting of the knowledge. With some wise inputs, the teachers can even decide to have a sufficient window for allowing the students to price what they have learned and repeat the more complicated portions for better comprehension.


Preparing and managing Syllabus

Preparation and management of syllabus is another vital aspect of the school. It is the preparation of the syllabus that decides the pace of learning and ensures that it should meet the natural learning potential of a specific class. Edecofy’s excellently built syllabus management system makes sure that the teachers should be able to prepare the syllabus in such a manner that it should be quickly grasped by average class students. It also has strong and friendly provisions to manage the syllabus in the best manner throughout the entire session.

Easy addition and modification features

At times the syllabus might need to be modified and fine-tuned to ensure that it should perfectly meet the learning capabilities and imitations of an average student. Thus the Edecofy offers highly flexible provisions for making the changes in the syllabus to encourage the students to complete the syllabus without upsetting their natural learning potentials or capacity/ AT the same time the syllabus can be modified without any limitations or hassles.


Why Edecofy?

Edecofy makes sure that the entire school ecosystem enjoys the healthy relationship that will eventually help in the overall development of the students and allow the schools to offer the best education to the students. Right from intuitive interface to quick alerts and regular reports the Edecofy offers an extended control to the school admin to take best care of their schools and students.


Built for futuristic capabilities

The modern schools quickly adopt the best practices of the global education system in order to help their students meet the best standards of development. To facilitate this we have specially built the Edecofy to help the schools to gain more insights and enjoy futuristic capabilities without any additional stress of hassles.

Bridges gap between parents and schools

The quick communication features and robust capabilities of Edecofy allows the school admin, teachers and students to enjoy a constant communicating that keeps everyone in the loop and apprises them of the latest development of the student.

Performance oriented infrastructure

The Edecofy is especially built to offer the best and robust capabilities to the schools, teachers and parents without demanding too many resources. The lightweight and easy t manage digital ecosystem is fully packed with the robust features to promote maximum performance without too many efforts.