Learning Management System

Top Benefits of Adopting Learning Management System for Schools

Learning Management System

Schools are Worst Hit by Covid-19

It had been almost a year for the Global Pandemic Corona Aka Covid-19, which affected each and every sector across the world.

Amid cases of new variants of mutated COVID-19 Strain emerging in India, most of the schools are being shut down across several states. In general, schools are being forced to shift from traditional learning to online learning.

Schools across the nation are struggling for providing efficient and seamless online classroom experiences for their students.

How Learning Management System can help?

Learning Management System popularly known as LMS can help educational institutes to manage all the aspects of online learning. The centralized system can help teachers/trainers in

  • Creating and Managing Lessons
  • Conducting Quizzes and Exams
  • Grading Students.

    The System is also capable of acting as a communication channel between key players of the school like Teachers, Parents, Students, and Admin staff.

    The system is also being adopted by universities for delivering their courses. In reality, Some of the universities have completely gone online as well. These universities are also providing the option of choosing the courses, along with the flexibility of training.
Benefits of Adopting LMS:

Along with making the online classroom experience much interactive and much simpler, here are the benefits of implementing LMS:

Easy to Implement:

Integration of LMS is as simple as that, for any type of educational institution. The system is capable of attaching academics, along with study material, and training modules under a single dashboard.

Cloud servers considerably reduce the risk of data loss. They can also simplify content management.

Better Access:

On the positive side, LMS allows the students to access their required materials anytime. This provides great flexibility for students, to access them from the comfort of their laptop or Smartphone, or any other device powered by the Internet.

LMS provides the flexibility of setting classrooms even after school hours, or even on holidays.

This benefits the schools, especially during this COVID period, where most of the schools are lagging in covering the syllabus.

Behavioral Tracking:

LMS system is capable of tracking student’s academic performance on a regular basis and ensures that their performance will be tuned towards the best.

Based on the individual student’s analytics data, the LMS improvises e-Learning content, which can make him perform better.


LMS system can save a considerable amount of school’s money, as it avoids the printing of study materials, on the other hand, it can also prevent the burning of parent’s pockets, as all the learning material is available on the digital platform.

Conferencing tools like Zoom can also save a great number of students & faculty traveling time.

Highly Secured:

LMS is completely secure with strong 32-Bit encryption. The system allows only authorized users to access. Coupled with an extra layer of protection like a firewall, LMS makes the learning experience a safer one for the students.

Simple To Train:

LMS in spite of its complicated features is easier to learn for both students and teachers. The module is also easier to install for the admin. Basic training from the developers can help the teachers to access all the parts of LMS with ease.

LMS combined with the power of AI & Data Analytics can surely revolutionize online learning for the better in the coming days.

Why Edecofy?

Powered with simple functionalities and an intuitive digital ecosystem Edecofy LMS allows schools to confidently manage various aspects related to the study materials and inventory management.

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