Hostel Gate Pass Management System

Enhanced Security for your Hostel Students, with Gate Pass Management System…

Hostel Gate Pass Management System

The Problem with Traditional System:

Security of Students is of the primary concern for most of the residential schools these days. Along with quality education, parents usually expect that their wards are safe at the school/college campuses.

Most schools/college hostel wardens allow their students to an outing during holidays/ week-offs. They usually maintain IN-OUT registers for the purpose.

However, the system is heavily flawed, as the paper-based system can be manipulated easily, keeping the security of the system at stake.

Oher security issues like strangers/outsiders’ entry into the hostel campus, which may disturb the students.

How Automation can help?

Gate Pass Management System an integral part of the Hostel Management System, can help in managing and tracking both the students and visitors efficiently.
The system along with keeping check-in and check-outs of students and visitors can also restrict the entry of unauthorized persons into the campus.

In other words, all the visitors ‘ in/out timings are recorded accurately. This can help a lot in the investigation if anything goes wrong on the campus.

Benefits of Gate Pass Management System:
  • Accuracy:
    Compared to the traditional system, the gate pass management system is more accurate, as there is less scope for wrong entries.
  • Live Reporting:
    All visitors /students’ data like include details like name, the purpose of visit, and the amount of time they are going to spend in the hostel, can be accessed and downloaded in real-time.
  • Easy Reporting:
    Retrieving visitor info usually takes hours in a traditional system. On the other hand, Gate Pass Management System can significantly reduce the retrieving time to few minutes.

    Another key point here is that the admin with a single click can retrieve all the visitors. Various mediums like email, or download as a file locally can be used for accessing the data
  •  Pre-Registration:
    Admin can pre-register all the regular visitor details with the system. This allows the visitor to sign in quickly, allowing loads of time.
  • Approval Based Entry:
    Security authorities allow the visitors only upon the MS/Email confirmation with the student.
  • Significant Savings:
    Automation can significantly reduce the cost of security operations. The system can substantially reduce the stationary for maintaining the records. It can also reduce the costs for infrastructure and staff for maintaining the same.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy one of India’s leading School Management systems is proud to announce, Gate Pass Management System. The system is an enhancement for its Hostel/Dormitory Management System.

Our Automated Gate Pass System significantly reduces the gate pass generation time. This can be a great help for the security personals, along with better security management, and detailed analytics.

Looking for more details about our Gate Pass Management System? Please visit our website at, you can also reach us at

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