Online Examination System

High Security, Economical, Quick Results… Here is Why Your School Should Adopt Online Examination System

Online Examination System

The famous quote “Necessity is the mother of Invention” is proved to be right again, as Lockdown has created a situation, where Online Teaching & Online Examinations becoming new normal.

The education system across the world has gone through a paradigm shift, not only in terms of resources and training but also in terms of operations, during the lockdown time.

With No signs of giving up from the global pandemic Covid-19, educational institutes are slowly shifting towards conducting online examinations.

What exactly is the Online Examination System?

Online Examination is a Fool-Proof examination system that enables educational intuitions to conduct their exams remotely.

The mode of examination usually involves the internet, a virtual examination screen, and the student is needed to select answers from multiple-choice based questions, or type answers.

Powered by the internet, and sophisticated exam software, the examination can be conducted in a fair & transparent environment by educational institutions.

Benefits of Online Examination Software:

Online Exam Management System, an integral part of Institute ERP System empowers educational institutes in
i) Exam Planning
ii) Exam Conducting
iii) Managing Examinations

Here are the top benefits of Online Examination Software for educational institutes:

  • Cost Effective Solution:

Online Exam can provide a win-win situation for both the institute and students. Where institutes can save the stationery expenditure involved like paper, it can also be advantageous to students as they can skip the transportation cost in reaching the examination centre.

  • Simple Setup:

Online Examination software is simpler to setup, and doesn’t require any coding skills, just a basic demo can help in efficient management.

  • Security:

Unlike the traditional system of exams, where there is a higher chance for question paper leak or mass copying, Online Examinations is completely safe and secure.

All the exam question papers are stored in a completely safe cloud server, and the keys for accessing the question papers is made available to the authorized staff, only during the day of the specific subject exam.

Mass copying is another menace, where online exam can completely curb. Students are tracked online, in case of any suspicious activity/ cheating by bots, ensuring the integrity of exams.

The system is strong 32 Bit encrypted and has almost zero chance for hacking.

  • Flexibility:

The beauty of Online Examinations lies in their flexibility and availability, where a student can take his exam at any time, from any place. All he/she needs is an internet connection, and a laptop/pc.

  • Instant Results:

Online Exam System in most cases allows publishing the result instantly. In most of the examinations, the answers are already installed in the background answer database.

As the examination time limit ends, the answers submitted by the students, are cross-checked with the database, and results are displayed over the screen in just a few minutes.

  • Accuracy:

The traditional method of examinations usually involves paper-based evaluation, which may sometimes lead to human errors, which may affect the results of students.

On the other hand, online-based system results are 100% accurate and can be published instantly.

  • Analytics:

A student’s performance report is not just confined to his/her progress report, online examination system provides detailed analytics of a student’s performance.

Metrics like the best score of all users, least scored questions, how the student can score better, will be made available in the report generated by the system.

Based on the report the teacher/parent can take necessary actions, for improvising the student’s performance.

  • Efficient Time Management:

The traditional system of examinations usually consumes loads of schools/colleges time, which includes several activities like

i) Exam Paper Creation
ii) Answer Sheets Evaluation
iii) Exam record maintenance

All these tasks are tedious and induce pressure on the school staff. However online exam system, simplifies the entire process, teachers can directly upload the question paper directly on the portal.

Students can log in with their credentials and directly attend the exam, thus saving a significant amount of time.

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