A robust software with simple visual interface to help institutes and students achieve their goals faster

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About Edecofy

Wisely designed all-inclusive institute management software for quickly connecting institutes with students, parents and other stakeholders.

institute management software

Loaded with dynamic features and uncomplicated interface it empowers the institute authorities to confidently manage diverse institute affairs to meet long and short term goals. Simply put, it frees the authorities from micromanagement and allows them to focus on the bigger picture.

For institutes: Connecting institute authorities with parents, students and admin staff

For parents: connecting with the institute teachers and getting timely alerts

For students: Keeping them updated with the upcoming exams, change in syllabus and other meaningful resources



Single tool to manage entire institute

Our institute management software the turnkey solution for managing diverse aspects of your institute like student progress, parent relations, finance management, transportation, library management and lots more.

Fees Management
  • Receive fees through online gateway
  • Auto generation of detailed fee receipt
  • Timely payment alerts prevent delays
  • Streamlined dues and refunds management
Transport Management
  • Complete institute driver report management
  • Bus route management
  • Vehicle information management
  • Pick and drop report through sms alerts
Library Management
  • Multiple libraries management
  • Book related issues and returns management
  • Late submission rules management
  • Serial wise management of book inventory
Seamless SMS Integration
  • Student and parent’s login
  • Updates on institute related notices
  • Holidays calendar
  • Library transaction management
Institute Attendance management
  • Periodical attendance report
  • Automated leave calculator
  • Absent student report generation
  • Mark sheet creations
Online Exam System
  • Hassle-free online examination
  • No complicated procedures
  • Fully secured against misuse and hacking
  • A quick appraisal of student’s knowledge


How Edecofy Helps Admin, Students And Parents?

We have invested many hours and efforts in developing Edecofy and are very sure of its capabilities to offer all-round benefits to all the users- admin, students, staff and parents. It is your true one-stop solution for all your needs.

Role-Based Functionalities For All

We offer the flexible, role-based functionalities to all the members to ensure the smooth functioning and end to end coordination for streamlined operations.

Intuitive Interface

The intuitive and easy to use interactive functionalities help the institutes, parents, and students to stay connected all the time that ensures healthy conversation throughout.

Comprehensive Reports Regularly

We offer you a regular series of comprehensive reports in the eye-friendly visual format so that everyone remains in the loop and is updated with the latest developments and requirements.

Fully Secured And Strong Data Backup Provisions

We are very well aware of the privacy and security requirements of the mission-critical data and the messages. So, we have powerful security provisions in place to ensure data security and reliable data backup.

Best Model To Offer Precise Solutions For All

Developed by the joint efforts of expert and experienced team, our Institute ERP system perfectly aligns with the most crucial needs of the institute, students and parents while at the same time offering the solutions for any special needs.

Easy To Use For Busy Parents And Admin

Keeping in mind the precise needs and knowledge limitations of different participants, especially the working parents, we offer the easy substitutes as well like mobile apps, web-based connectivity, and intuitive interface.

Edecofy: Quick and Quality services

It is very easy and quick to get started with Edecofy and with the minimum learning curve, maximum flexibility and purpose-built features you would be confidently running Edecofy within an hour of setting it up.



Some More Features

While there is a number of the Institute ERP software available in the market we pride ourselves on the unique characteristics or USPs of Edecofy that we are going to list below:

Built to eliminate pain points

All our products are wisely designed to solve specific pain points of conventional institute management practices. With the fine blend of automation, communication and daily updates the institute admin can save time and efforts while leveraging the efficiency

Easy to upload comprehensive reports

The comprehensive reports can quickly be uploaded to the application in a visually friendly manner and can be instantly sent to all the participants with just a single click. It can drastically reduce overall clerical tasks.

Constant communication between teachers and parents

Our applications and mobile apps fully solve the issue of disconnection between parents and institutes. The parents just need a few clicks or taps to get the overall report of their ward- right from academic progress and attendance to extracurricular activities.

Pormotes peoprer functioning and srtaff coordination

For successfully running a institute every department must work smoothly and precisely. Thanks to the extensive features of our ERP the institute admin can not only utilize the fullest potential of their entire staff like a librarian, accountant and other but can also leverage their capabilities to the next level.

Streamlined finance management

Just like any organization the institutes also need to maintain healthy finance management to ensure the uninterrupted operations. Our high-end finance management capabilities incorporate right into our institute ERP system streamlines the entire flow of finance to actively promote healthy finance management.

Strong library management capabilities

Maintaining a library is not an easy task as it involves several responsibilities like lending eh books, maintaining the stock and calculating the rent based on the number of days. Besides, the disciplinary actions like fine on tearing or damaging a book further multiply the responsibilities. Our Library management features are fully equipped with all the capabilities and options to maintain the key records with just a few clicks and generate the comprehensive reports to know the current status of the books.

Purpose-specific view

A institute consists of several staff members and not everyone has the same priorities. Keeping this in mind our institute ERP shows a wise and friendly display of the information to offer the comprehensive view of specific aspects that matter to you the points and aspects that matter you the most to you the most


Our distinguished clients


“Extended flexibility, quick processes, and streamlined workflow have made our institute ERP system the preferred choice or the reputed educational institutions across the country. “

Raj Sekhar

Head Master


“I have been using Edecofy institute ERP system for some time and have been experiencing a reasonably steady improvement in our overall institute management”

Ram Gopal



“As the founder of the institute, I always wanted some ERP that brings forth all the relevant detail without overwhelming me. Edecofy has brought me the precise solution I was looking for o long.




Frequently Asked Questions

Our software s developed keeping in mind the overall benefits for all the participants right from students to parents, admin and teaching/non-teaching staff of the institute. Here are some key question that might come to your mind and we have provided a satisfactory answer to them:

What exactly is Edecofy?

Edecofy is a unique institute ERP system that offers strong features and extended controls to all t participants – admin, teachers, non-teaching staff, students, and parents. It has all the functionalities need to successfully run a institute. It provides accurate and updated information on various aspects like attendance, syllabus, fees, library, exams and several other aspects. It is specially built to integrate seamlessly into their academic ecosystem and boosts productivity by reducing time, efforts and tress.

How can I believe the genuineness of Edecofy ERP system?

It has taken us several years to develop this ERP using the perfect blend of technical expertise ad teaching excellence. The participation of institute management experts distinguished teaching faculties and highly experienced technical professionals has resulted in a fully capable and robust solution with strong, purpose-oriented features and extended controls. Moreover, the quick and easy interface encourages everyone to gain the maximum benefits and show their maximum potential directive of knowledge or time barriers.

How do you manage the security of our mission critical data and information?

We have utilized multi-layer security technology to ensure the best security to the data shared and stored using Ededcofy. The sophisticated inbuilt security safeguards the participants against hackers and malicious elements who can misuse the data while the strong backup facilities significantly minimize or almost eradicate the risks even during worst conditions.


School Management Software

Automate your Institute to manage School/College affairs easily and increase your productivity Connect with us for a Free Demo of our state of the art School Management Software. Our Experts at Edecofy can guide you in streamlining your educational institute operations, with ease and less effort.


Expert advice

You should get in touch with our experts if you wish to know whether the Edecofy is the right choice for institutes and needs. We encourage a prompt, precise and unbiased advice on the same