Student Performance Analysis & Reporting System

Smart Student Performance Analysis & Reporting System, for Unleashing the True Potential of Students…

Student Performance Analysis & Reporting System
Why Analytics?

With the advancements in Data Analytics & AI, Educational institutions across the world are focusing on the insights that can help in transforming Outcomes and the overall performance of the student. In fact, Analytics is the only hope for turning vast amounts of student data into informed insights.

Analytics & Educational experts believe that capturing, archiving, and analyzing student profiles and behaviors will lead to improved institutional decision making, along with improvements in learning outcomes.

How does it Workout for Educational Institutes?

Post Covid lock down, most of the schools are shifting their base towards online learning powered by the School Management System. Schools can find the most important application of analytics in their  Learning Management System (LMS).

LMS is capable of supporting both Traditional, as-well as Online Learning teaching environments. Students can interact with various learning objects and work collaboratively with LMS. For instance students can take quizzes, submit assignments, access and study assigned materials (like journals, and other electronic texts (eTexts or eBooks)), they can also interact with their co-students and teachers through discussion forums, and boards, through LMS.

What can be tracked?

LMS is capable of measuring the overall performance of the student, along with the suggestions for improvement of students in various subjects. Here are some of the types of analytic reports that can help in boosting students’ performance.

  • Student Assessment Reports:

The report provides a complete overview of students course information, along with student name, and detailed info of their marks/grades. Viewers can also watch the info pictorially in the forms of tables/charts with clear labels

  • Course Assessment Reports:

These types of reports can provide overview information about the course, and the grades obtained by the student in the course.The report provides a detailed analysis of the grades, and provides a report indicating the strong/weak areas of the student, along with suggestions for improvement.

Benefits of Analytics:

Integrating Analytics is proven to be a game changer for the educational industry, as it can help in delivering efficient & faster results for student success.

  • For students:

Integrating the power of analytics with LMS can help in providing students with more detailed analysis about their performance. This can help students in mending their behavior in constructive ways, and a  progressive improvement towards their learning goals.
A student targeted analysis can help in unlocking the true potential of students by
*  Monitoring behavioral patterns
* Tracking changes over times
* Comparing progress towards learning goals

  • For Teachers:

Making use of analytics data, teachers can make better student monitoring,and also can keep an eye on how course resources are being utilized. The data can also help in self-assessing their own performance, and in overall improvement of the institution and it’s standards.

  • For Management:

Analytics data can help administrators to have a clear and bird-eye view of how their program is performing. Admins can have clear and precise details about each and every faculty, and student performance, along with meaningful comparisons across various courses offered.

Why Should Edecofy Be Your Choice?

Powered by AI & Machine learning, Edecofy’s smarter reporting system can help in providing comprehensive reports of students that represents the Strengths, Weakness of Students, along with their scope for improvement.

The smarter system is also capable of analyzing the performance of staff and institutes in regards to different students.

Here are some of the salient points of our reporting system:

  • 360-degree evaluation of the institute, students, and staff performance
  • In-depth analysis of Student academic report
  • Wise decision-making based on individual capabilities
  • Clear &  Broad view
  • Phase to Phase growth

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