Benefits of Mass Notifications for Schools

Thanks to the Technology, Mass Notification System is a Boon for Schools during this COVID-19 Pandemic…

Benefits of Mass Notifications for Schools

The Background:
Majority of the schools across the world have shifted their learning platform from classroom to remote, due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 Pandemic. However the real challenge for teachers and students arise with the communication issues in remote/e-learning.

All of the key players in the school ecosystem like Parents, students, and staff should have clear expectations of what they can achieve by learning from home.

Interestingly most of the schools still rely on the traditional mass emails to share information, which was proved to be an ineffective way of communication, as most of the emails can be easily ignored, and in case of immediate attention messages,  people can’t wait to see messages sitting in someone’s Inbox.

What is a Mass Notification System?
Benefits of Mass Notifications for Schools

A mass notification system enhances the school/college communication, by making it reach a large number of people with the help of smart devices.This notification system ensures that no player in the school ecosystem misses important updates.

The system is also capable of integrating disparate systems, and enabling them to send alerts quickly.

Benefits of Mass Notifications for Schools:

Leveraging  Mass Notification System is proven to be beneficial for schools in terms of  better communication , and security. Here are some of the major benefits schools can reap from these systems.

  • Better Student-Parent Communication:

Remote learning usually requires extensive communication between the key players like school leaders to parents and students. Clear expectations with crystal clear scheduling is the only key for the success of online learning from home.
Schools can make this possible by utilizing the mass notification system for communicating with the community via SMS text messages, push notifications to a mobile app, recorded phone messages, and emails.

School Mass Notification System

School management can stay rest assured by deploying a multi-channel approach in this system, such that each and every message delivered through the channel can be seen.
The recipients can also be allowed to respond to messages, such that it can acknowledge that the entire community has read the information, and is in sync with the management.
The alerts can also consist of hyperlinks for educational resources, along with health & safety tips in this hour of corona pandemic.

  • Better Scheduling:

Maintaining strict scheduling of classes in remote learning, helps students to have a school-like feeling in the new learning environment. However it is a challenge for the school management to handle the scheduling of hundreds of students and teachers.

Class Scheduling through Virtual Notifications

Making the students attend the digital classrooms on time , along with maintaining the start time and end-time of the classes has proved to be yet another tough task, without the support of school bells.

Schools can install virtual school bells in student laptops or mobiles for notifying about the upcoming classes. Alerts can be issued from the mass notification system, and can be scheduled at specific times throughout the day, notifying about the beginning and end of the classes.

This type of scheduling and notification setup ensures an interactive learning experience for students, even though it is conducted online.

  • Real-time Management:

The corona pandemic is raising the importance of frequent monitoring ,and responding to the present situation by the school management and teachers.
A mass notification system can help in bringing key stakeholders to assemble in quick and take efficient decisions, that meets the need of the hour.

Web Conferencing Tools for School Communications

Schools can make use of applications like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex Teams for gathering automatically through notifications or invitations.
Thanks to modern apps, that made the distribution of messages and communication simpler. This has proven to be less time-consuming, compared to the traditional calling methods.

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