School Timetable Management System

Handle Your School Curriculum Effectively, By Automating your School Timetable Management…

School Timetable Management System
Importance of School Timetable:

Timetable is considered as the most important part of the school curriculum. It ensures the effective utilization of teacher hours, with no conflicts; on the other hand, timetable can also provide a clear view of class schedule for students.

A well-build timetable can establishes a perfect rhythm in school routine that can help both teachers and students, ensuring a smooth flow in school academics.

The Challenge:

In general schools in India, will have close to 12 classes, and they are further divided into several sections. Planning these many timetables for these sections is a tedious task for the teaching & admin staff.

A poorly framed timetable forces teachers to work several consecutive periods, or students to miss extra-circular activities like sports or physical education.

How Automation can help?

Timetable Management System a simple integration of the School Management System, can be a great help for both teachers and students, as it can simplify the timetable planning, scheduling, publishing, and maintenance of all academic activities.

The System ensures a better workflow in academics, with minimal human intervention, and effective time management.

Here are the major benefits that your school can reap by implementing Timetable Management System:

  • Smart Scheduling:

The beauty of the Timetable management system lies in that it can save loads of time. Unlike the traditional system, which requires hours and days for planning class schedules, the automated system can generate the required timetable for any number of classes in a matter of few minutes.

This can free up the administrative as well as academic staff, and they can focus on many productive activities.

  • Better Communication:

The traditional paper-based system of timetable planning involves any planning/updating needed to be communicated among all the team players, which consumes loads of time.

On the other hand, the generation of timetables for various classes, scheduling, and allocation of duties can be done instantly through the timetable management system. The related information is passed instantly for all the teachers and staff, all in a flash of time.

  • Eco-Friendly:

From planning to printing the traditional paper-based timetable system make use of tons of paper, affecting both school(in terms of stationary budget) and the environment.

However employing an automated timetable management system, reduces the usage of paper in the entire process significantly.

All the required notification related to the timetable or any other communication can be made digitally via SMS/Email/Push Notifications for all the stake holders.

  • Easy Installation & Seamless Integration:

The timetable management system can be integrated with the existing school management system, without any issues. Admins can install the same as they install an app on their smartphone/PC.

  • Simplifies Payroll Management:

The system can also help in simplifying the payroll process, as it can record each and every leave availed by the teacher. This can help in avoiding unnecessary confusions during the payroll.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy School Management System is developed after several years of research. Our School ERP solution is purpose-built to cater to the latest requirements of the modern schools.

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