School Financial Management System

Does Your School Really Need a Finance Management System?

School Financial Management System

The Problem with Traditional Financial Software for Handling School Finances:

Educational Institutions especially schools are very large businesses, efficient management of school’s finance is of crucial importance in running them successfully.

Successful financial management usually depends upon efficiency and accountability, however, the traditional software used for handling normal business finances may not be a perfect fit for handling school finances.

Unlike normal businesses, schools need to handle too many accounting requirements, like student-fee collection, dividing fees into terms, discounts, notifications, and teacher-parent communication.

However most of the financial software available in the market today is failing to handle such huge communication between various departments.

Present custom business software is also lacking the school-specific financial management features like:

* Detailed Invoicing
* Receipt Management
* Analytics.

School Admins also need to access and track the fund’s allocation and have to coordinate the same with their student records.

Making use of multiple software for accomplishing the same is proven to be tedious as well as prone to errors to the staff.

How School Finance Management System Works?

School Financial Management System an integral part of the School ERP System, can help in organizing, and controlling all the financial activities of the school, such that all the resources are managed effectively.

The System is capable of accessing and analyzing the data from the “Accounts Receivable (AR)” system, which is combined with the power of student and parent contacts, avoids tedious tasks like data import and exports, as they can perfectly map the contacts and the students associated with the same.

Benefits of School Finance Management System:
  • Simplified Process:

Administrators can access all the school finances and accounts from a single and well integrated dashboard.

The system integrated with the SMS system, can access the fees, payments and other details can be accessed and tracked anytime.

  • Deeper Analytics:

Powerful analysis tools for monitoring cash flows and budget preparation.

  • Payroll Management Made Simpler:

The system is capable of handling the entire payroll process of the institution like Salary, TDS, and several operations.

Unlike the traditional complex system of salary computation, the School Finance System can make the entire process simpler and error-free.

The system can also be customized to meet school policies like leaves, benefits or any other perks etc…

  • Fee Structure, Discounts & Refunds Management:

In every school, there may be variation in the fees paid between students. While many of the students pay the full fees, some may get discount on facilities like transport, canteen etc…

The Finance Management System can help in handling the discounts without any confusion. Any discounts for the student can be applied directly during admission.

The system can also help in a pre-designed fee structure for each class/course with breakups, providing a clear and transparent view of fee structure for parents.

In few cases like reimbursements, the system can also help in issuing refunds to the students, with just a click of the mouse, and the amount is transferred to the student parent’s bank account instantly.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy’s smart finance management system, powered by AI & Machine Learning can help in providing smarter and efficient finance management.

Scalability is one of our crucial benefits, where new modules or upgrades to the existing school management system, can be made without disturbing the existing system.

Benefits of Edecofy:
  • One-Stop Solution for Complete Institute’s Financial Management
  • A streamlined system for smooth financial operations.
  • Fee Payment, Reminders, Receipts Instant Notifications
  • Simple and Efficient Payroll Management

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