School Scheduling Automation

Here is why Your School Should Consider Automated Scheduling System

School Scheduling Automation

The Challenge:

Educators across the world are exploring ways to utilize academic time more productively, especially for high school schedules.

Students usually feel overwhelmed for adjusting to the eight periods in a single day, added with multiple assignments, tests, and examinations over the entire academic year.

Conducting all the subject periods within the timeframe of school hours (8 Hours), is a challenging task. Both the Students and teachers are pressurized to work in such short, and fragmented time periods.

A 1994 report by the National Education Commission on Time and Learning has quoted that, schools and the people involved with the students, parents, teachers, administrators, and staff-are “Prisoners of Time”.

The report has also stated that while the rule has worked out for some bright, hard-working students to do reasonably well. Everyone else-from the typical student to the dropout- runs into trouble.

Loads of hours are still being spent on creation and updating of schedules for school teachers, for utilizing their services within the limited school hours. On the other hand, managing all the planning in the traditional paper-based method is ineffective, and also tedious.

How Automation Can Help?

Automating scheduling process by school management system can help in effective and smart scheduling of the school process. Here are the major benefits of School Scheduling Automation:

  • Simplified Process:

Smart scheduling system allows the school admin to access all the data regarding the work allocated to a particular resource, and also about the details of what type of work can be assigned to whom.

The beauty of the system lies in its dashboard, where all the necessary info can be available for a quick view, with a single click.

  • Improvised Student Performance:

A well-designed School Management System can help students, parents accessing their academic performance anytime from anywhere. This type of system helps students/parents to meet school management for knowing about their academic performance.

All of these details can be accessed with detailed analytics, like where the student has scope for improvement, and where the student has performed exceptionally well.

This can help the student to focus on their academics more smartly, resulting in overall improvement.

  • Better Student Connectivity:

Teachers usually expect their students to raise doubts during class hours; however, their stills exist students who are shy or introverts for raising their doubts in the class.

The school management system address this issue by integrating student discussion boards, where the students can raise their doubts through the dashboard, and all of their concerns can be addressed instantly by the teachers.

  • Accessibility:

The major benefit of the school management system is its ease of accessibility, where the software can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. All of the players in the school echo system will have limited or full access to the system.

Teachers can make use of this system for accessing the attendance of students, and their assignments tracking. They can also use the same for assigning special classes for the lagging students, and can also send important notification for parents.

  • Smart Tracking:

School Management System can help in tracking all of the key aspects related to both students and teachers.

While students the tracking can be in academics, as well as sports and other extracurricular activities, the tracking for teachers can be their regular class planning
and scheduling extra classes for extra students etc.

Thus school management system can help in the overall development of the school echo system.

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