Bonafide Certificate Generation System

Certificate Generation is No More a Complex Process, with Edecofy’s Automated Bonafide Certificate Generation System

Bonafide Certificate Generation System

Edecofy one of the leading School ERP Software is happy to announce a new revolutionary enhancement to its existing robust school management modules. In other words, the new enhancement is expected to make Bonafide Certificate Generation quick and effective.

What does Bonafide Certificate Mean?

Originally derived from Latin, “Bonafide” literally means “In Good Faith” which refers to a person who has no intention to cheat or deceive.

The bonafide certificate has got its presence across several verticals like School Students, University/College students, and Working Professionals.

As a matter of fact, an education institution issues a bonafide certificate based on the request from students. Equally important, the certificate should be duly signed and attested by the head of the institution or organization.

Why do students require Bonafide Certificates?

Students require bonafide certificates for a variety of purposes like:

  • The local bus passes or metros, for students traveling from distant locations.
  • For passports or student visas, for studying abroad.
  • Application for Scholarships.
  • For the application of Education Loans
Challenges in the traditional paper-based application system:

Students applying for a bonafide certificate need to fill up a form for the same, mentioning the purpose of the application.

In case the institution doesn’t provide an application, the student needs to write a letter, seeking the bonafide certificate, addressing the authorized school personal.

They also need to pay a nominal fee for obtaining the bonafide certificate.

The process is time-consuming, as the application form is filled by the student. The sam needs to be circulated among various departments before getting the final approval.

The traditional process increases pressure among administrative departments, especially during the admission season, as well as before the end of the academic year, as students will be flooding the admin departments for various types of certificates.

While dealing with the flow of applications and disbursing them on time is a tedious task for the admin department, students also feel the pressure of submitting their applications in time.

How Automation can help?

Bonafide Certificate Generation System powered by the School Management System is a robust module that can make the certificate generation process simpler and better to meet the modern age student requirements.

The system automatically generates custom certificates, based on the authorization, and coordination with various departments, that too in just a few minutes.

Benefits of Bonafide Certificate Generation System:

Here are the major benefits of deploying a bonafide certificate generation system over the traditional system

Wide Variety of Certificates:

The beauty of the certificate generation system lies in its ability to generate a wide variety of certificates that can meet the student requirements.

The system facilitates Various certificates generation. For instance, it can help in generating certificates like Bonafide certificate, Course completion certificate, No Dues Certificate, Transfer certificate, and Participation certificate.

The module is flexible enough to customize for meeting the requirements of the students. Various types of fields can be added, modified, or deleted as per the scenario.

Eco-Friendly Solution:

Unlike the traditional paper-based system which consumes tons of paper for the application process, the certificate generation system consumes zero paper.
Utilizing the cloud or local storage has proved the same to be as an
eco-friendly solution.

Smart & Efficient Storage:

The system also allows storing of generated certificates for any number of days. The system allocates an archive for each student. for storing These certificates. This includes complete details of the certificates like certificate, time, purpose, etc…

This type of archive-based record system helps in faster and better management of the certificates.


Automated Certificate Generation System reduces the usage of paper and ink, thus providing a substantial saving for the school authorities. On the other hand, the automated solution provides a faster disbursal of the certificates, saving students time.

Automating the certificate generation can also reduce the efforts of admin staff. This facilitates focusing more on much more productive things.

Edecofy’s team of dedicated professionals is working 24×7 for bringing the Bonafide Certificate Generation System module into live. Very Soon you can access our revolutionary module, and make your certificate generation much easier and better.

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