School Transportation Automation Benefits

Facts about School Transport Management Automation

School Transport Management Automation
The Problem:

In a shocking revelation from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, from 2007-2016 out of the 1282 fatalities recorded in the US, 281 school-age children killed in school-transportation-related crashes. In which 58 were occupants of school transportation vehicles.

Parents are in serious concern about their wards safety till they return home. Roads across the world are shedding blood, which is constantly worrying parents.

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any delay in the transportation of their wards by evening increases the heart-beat of the parents in the present scenario.

How Can Technology be the Savior?

Combining the power of IOT & GPS with school buses can provide an effective solution for school transport management.

The technology is capable of providing real-time updates to the parents and school administrators about the student’s location. The technology is less complex to adapt, and can also reduces the pressure for school authorities from parents.

The system is capable of handling:

  • Student’s attendance on the bus
  • Pick and Drop times
  • Location-based tracking
  • Timely Alerts to both drivers and parents
  • Optimizing bus routes
  • Reducing running costs
  • Complying to latest regulations
Benefits of Automating School Transport Management:
  • Smarter Management:
    Automation can be a perfect fit for school management, as it reduces most of the tedious tasks like routing and scheduling.

    Automation allows school admins to take complete control over the transport process, and rest assured. They only need to act in just a few rare/extraordinary scenarios.
  • Efficiency:
    Failure of Routing and Scheduling operations may sometimes invite hefty fines from the concerned regulatory authorities for schools. However such type of embarrassing scenarios can be avoided by the Automated System.

    Each and every mile of the school bus travelled can be tracked effectively. Based on the mileage of the vehicle, huge savings can be recorded on the fuel costs, in the present highest fuel rates era.

    School authorities can also keep a track of how efficiently their school buses are running, optimal utilization of their buses without any idling. Any complaints like over speeding, or other traffic violation issues can be tracked closely by the school authorities.
  • Smarter-Simpler Tracking:
    The GPS tracker is capable of recording each and every activity in the school bus. RFID tags are capable of tracing the children in case they found missing during the bus travelling.

    In case of any mishaps, the database (black box) is also capable of recording the scenarios that lead to an accident.
  • Live Attendance Tracking:

Manual attendance marking during the bus travel has got huge chances of errors, leading to unnecessary confusions.

However, the school bus equipped with an IoT device can record attendance with much less effort and almost zero errors. The attendance can be quickly pushed across the school attendance database.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy’s Smart School Transport management feature is specially designed to tackle all your transport-related issues without any hassles.

Edecofy is wisely designed to offer the strong school transportation management that ensures complete safety by keeping all the participants in the loop and enabling accurate, real-time tracking.

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