Mass Notification System

Mass Notification System Ensures Smart School Communication

Mass Notification System
The Challenge:

To begin with, effective communication is considered to be the most complicated challenge for huge educational institutions.

In general, along with 10’s of branches, and 1000’s of students, communication is always a challenge for all the participants in the institution like the school community—students, faculty, staff members.

On the other hand, parent communication is a completely different challenge, with different preferences.

Need for notifications:

For Administrators: School Administrators need to send quick alerts and school-wide notifications in situations like weather delays and sudden shutdowns.
For Teachers: Important classroom notifications are needed to be conveyed to parents

Important to realize, a perfect communication system ensures co-ordination between various players in the school ecosystem. However, schools need to ensure their communication system is flawless and effective.

Mass Notification System is the Saviour:

By all means, Mass Notification systems can simplify group communications, by allowing all participants, to exchange messages fastly and easily in emergency/important situations in real-time.

At this instant, schools powered by the modern mass communication system can deliver fast, reliable mass notifications for any size of the audience (independent of the communications device and communication channels).

Even though the mass communication system appears to be serving the purpose of only emergency situations, the truth however that is there are limitless day-to-day applications of the system for schools.

Few of the situations where mass communication system serves its purpose include:
  • Event cancellations
  • Class Dismissals/ Early dismissal information’s
  • Attendance  Notifications
  • Request for Volunteer Services
  • Sports Events related changes like teams.
  • Disease/pandemic outbreak info (like recent Covid-19)
  • Deadline info for registrations.
  • Parent-Teacher Interaction Scheduling.
  • Report card notifications
  • Tuition payment reminders
  • Registration deadlines
  • Fundraiser updates
  • Parent-teacher conference scheduling
Benefits of Mass Notification System:

Here are a few capabilities of mass notification systems that can benefit schools:

Interactive 2 Way Communication:

The beauty of the mass notification system lies in its 2-way connectivity, which ensures an excellent communication channel between both organizers (school management) and the audience (parents, students).

Unlike the channel broadcasting messages, which blasts its users with emails/text messages, the mass notification system focuses on relevancy, i.e. relevant messages to relevant people.

Features like “read receipts” and “need help” requests can help the audience in interacting with the organizers during the time of emergency. Received messages can be acknowledged, and can be passed on to the appropriate persons for the right action.

Non-emergency messages like early class dismissals or notifications like Parent-Teacher meetings can also be communicated across the channels, allowing interactions, and feedback through the system.

Unlimited Communication:

Mass notification system doesn’t confide schools to traditional communication channels like SMS or Email notifications.

 For this reason, the system allows its users to send an unlimited communication message to their audience, comprising multiple channels including
a) Voice Call
b) Text Message
c) Push Notifications
d) Social Media Alerts

This type of multi-communication platform ensures that all the participants receive the required message during the time of emergency, inspite of technical failures with few channels.


Messages can be sent to only a specific group of relevant people, as a blanket or common messaging creates unnecessary havoc during the time of emergency. “Segmentation” features ensure only the required message is sent to the required person, during the need of the hour.

Location-based targeting:

On the positive side, Mass Notification System can help school admins and safety personals in devising emergency plans for ensuring the safety of their students.

Location plays a key role in marking the person in emergency/risk. During the emergency system, mass communication systems leverage the power of location-based systems in ensuring the campus, and most importantly protection.
For example, Geo-Fencing capability can help in alerting school community members at a specific geographic area. Admin can simply draw a virtual fence, and mark it in red/danger alerting people located in the fenced area.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy’s School Push Notification System, allows the parents to keep minute to minute track of all the important events and instances that hold key value to them.

Developed by the combined efforts of an expert and experienced team, our Institute ERP System perfectly aligns with the most crucial needs of the institute, students, and parents while at the same time offering solutions for any special needs.

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