Syllabus Management System

Quality Learning, Time Management… Here is why your school should invest in Syllabus Management System…

Syllabus Management System

Syllabus Management System…

The Existing System:

The curriculum in education is the foundation of the entire educational system. However, institutions pay little attention to developing, analyzing, reviewing, and assessing this foundation in higher education. Most institutions quote the lack of sophisticated tools and systems as the main reason for the issue.

On the other hand managing curriculum is a complex task for schools. Daily operations like handling faculty members, review boards along with meeting deadlines, aren’t easy for schools. At the same time, this adds much more to the woes of the institution which involves several departments and branches.

How Automation can help?

Automating key processes of curriculum from planning to implementation to assessment can help in upgrading the curriculum management to the next level, along with a better classroom experience.

The Curriculum Management feature from School Management System can help in making the best use of school resources. Here are some of the key benefits of the Curriculum Management System.


The traditional paper-based curriculum system had failed to provide transparency, and forced faculty to waste their precious time in locating proposals.

On the other hand, automation can ensure transparency, as everyone involved with the process can access their proposals anytime from anywhere in the world.

The automated system can keep the staff up-to-date with their proposals. Faculty also can check the status of their proposals, along with the hindrances for a smooth flow. All these features can help in making the curriculum much more transparent.

Better Data- Better Reporting:

The Curriculum management system can handle the data in a smarter way. These operations include collect, store, analyze, and report on data.

The system allows data to be stored in a structured and centralized database. Analyzing the collected data, teachers can draw interesting trends. The system can also be integrated with another system depending upon the requirements.

Streamlined Process:

In general traditional curriculum management, all of the conversations happen through emails. In like manner, email communication with a long chain of threads appears to be tedious for storage.

The curriculum management system, however, can help in streamlining the entire process, by kicking Email Communication out of the process. The proposal is accessible to authorized persons in the portal, any edits or comments can be directly tracked from the portal.

This makes the task of the registrar much easier, where the official needn’t go through hundreds of long email chains, for retrieving information.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy’s Smart Syllabus Management System is developed in keeping in mind both the teachers and students. The system address both their requirements like syllabus scheduling and quality learning within the specified period.

Right from intuitive interface to quick alerts and regular reports the Edecofy offers an extended control to the school admin to take the best care of their schools and students.

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