Online Attendance Monitoring

Effective ways of Measuring Student Attendance during Corona Pandemic

Online Attendance Monitoring

The Challenge:

Regular increase in Corona cases is making Students, along with their parents worried about their academics. Schools have no other option than to choose remote/ online learning for their students. However, schools are facing a huge challenge of tracking their ward attendance in the remote model of learning.

Marking attendance in remote learning is a different ball game compared to the traditional model.

Attendance on the other hand is an important factor in assessing the quality of the school, and an indicator of success. Regular absent students are at risk of lower academic achievement and educational attainment. Hence tracking attendance is of primary concern for educational institutions.

Here are some of the tips from education industry experts on handling attendance online:

Online Attendance Marking:

This is similar to the traditional method of marking attendance physically using registers. Teachers can use the same method of marking attendance by calling the names of students and marking their presence/absence based on their response during the remote session. This method also lets the teacher confirm the attentivity of their students.

However, the tricky part in the system is that the student who has been marked as present during the starting of the class may drop in the middle of the class, questioning the integrity of the attendance. Teachers on the other hand may also find it really difficult to notice the presence of the student during the entire class session.

Activity Monitoring:
Activity Montitoring

In addition to the direct teacher and student communication in the class, teachers can track the participation as well as engagement of their students with the help of their activity and submitted assignments. This is considered to be an effective way of measuring student’s participation in the class, and their attentiveness as well.

Making use of Social Media:
Social Media for Learning

Effective communication between teachers and students both inside and outside the classroom is the key to the success of the learning process. Embracing social networks for student-teacher interaction is a smart idea especially for schools with a large community of students.

Schools can make use of social networks like WhatsApp or Facebook to post their assignments, attend student queries, extend the in-class discussion and also make announcements about upcoming events. These social networks can also help teachers in providing instant feedback to their students

  • Wellness Data Tracking:
Wellness Data Tracking
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Schools can ask their wards to fill up “Wellness” forms for tracking their attendance, and well-being as well, by asking them to reply to questions on engagement academics and mental health. This can help in providing a bird-eye view of the student’s health and their learning for schools.

Attendance Management System:

Student Attendance Management system, an integral part of Edecofy’s School ERP System can help in automating the entire school student attendance.

The automation powered by biometric systems can help in live tracking of each and every student’s class presence or in any other extra-curricular activities can help in assessing their performance in smarter ways.

Why Edeocfy?

Looking for a smart & better Attendance Management Solution for your School/ College?  Edecofy’s Attendance Management helps in Streamlining communication among all participants of the institution. Here are few reasons for your educational institution to adopt Edecofy

  • A robust attendance monitoring solution
  • Streamlines communication between management students and parents
  • Instant Attendance updates
  • Simple & Visually Appealing  interface
  • Fast and easy monitoring

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