Improvised Fee Management System

Here is How Edecofy’s Improvised Fee Management System Could benefit your Educational Institution

Improvised Fee Management System

Edecofy the leading Institute ERP System is happy to announce the launch of its Comprehensive and Smart Institute Fee Management System.

The system can revolutionize Fee Collection and Fee Management processes. Thereby improvising the financial health of educational institutions like Schools and Colleges.

Fee collection and management are considered to be pivotal for the smooth running of school financials. However, the existing paper-based fee collection system is a tedious and cumbersome process.

The present manual system is cumbersome, as the manual data entry has a great scope of errors. This results in wasting tons of institution’s money and valuable resources.

How can our Improvised Fee Management System help?

Our Improvised Fee Management System can help in managing the school fee and finances efficiently.

Parents can make their fee payments with the comfort of the internet. On the other hand, schools/colleges can also ensure transparency with the safe storage of data. The System also provides a win-win scenario for both institutions and parents.

Here are the key benefits that your institute can avail, by adopting our Fee Management System.

Better Accessibility:
Improvised Fee Management System-Better Accessibility

The beauty of Edecofy’s Fee  Management System lies in its simplicity. Our fee management system avoids all the complexities in the existing paper-based fee management system.

Accounts Management:
Improvised Fee Management System-Accounts Management

Our  Fee Management System can help in managing all fee/finance-related operations with a single dashboard. For example, an employee from the accounts department can track the outstanding balance, pending fees with the system. Accordingly, the employee can notify the student for fee payment.

End-to-End Transparency:
Improvised Fee Management System-End-to-End Transparency

Our Fee Management System powered by the payment gateways can help students/parents to pay fees online. All of these transactions are online and are recorded digitally (with timestamps). This ensures transparency in the school’s financials. 
A payment gateway can automatically handle any transaction failures/ fraudulent transactions thus assuring integrity in the fee payment.

This can help in providing a clear view of cash flow for the institutions, and a smooth payment experience.

Smart Notifications:
Improvised Fee Management System-Smart Notifications

Our Fees Management System can keep track of the fee payment status of all students. Any delay in the fee payment is notified instantly via Email/SMS/ Push notifications for the students/parents. This type of timely notification avoids last-minute hurry and keeps them well-informed.

Efficient Revenue Handling:
Improvised Fee Management System-Efficient Revenue Handling

Usually, schools need to handle revenue operations in the form of both Income and Expenses. For instance, schools need to handle payrolls for paying salaries to the teaching/non-teaching staff, this comes under expenses.

Schools, on the other hand, obtain income from sources like donations/grants. Our Fee Management System can provide you with a clearer view of income/expenses under a single dashboard. The system also allows schools for applying discounts for the eligible students

Cloud Means Security:
Improvised Fee Management System-Cloud Means Security

Any organization these days are concerned about the safety of their data, especially educational institutions. In case of any loss in financial data, schools /colleges may get irreparable damage.

Hosted on cloud-based servers with 32 BIT high encryption, Our School Management System ensures 100% uptime.

Environment Friendly:

Our fee management system significantly reduces the need for paper in your educational institution, making our solution an Eco-friendly one.

Carefully crafted by industry experts, after years of research, Edecofy can help in automating all your School/College financial operations, with complete security and transparency.

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