Study Material Management System

Confidently manage your School’s Study Material/ Text Book Distribution

Study Material Management System

In general, the textbook is termed as the collection of the knowledge, concepts, and principles of a selected topic or course. Written/compiled by one or more teachers, or subject matter experts, textbooks are always an important part of the learning system.

Termed as the foundational resource in the public educational system, academic textbooks however still face challenges in distribution.

Potential Challenges in Textbook Management:

• Lack of access to textbooks

• Textbooks distribution

 •Textbooks not available in sufficient numbers
How Textbook/Study Material Management can help?

Important to realize that text Book /Study Material Management System is connected with the planning, procurement, printing, storage, distribution, maintenance, and classroom care of textbooks and study materials.
Here are some benefits of automating study material management:

Stock Tracking:
Inventory Management

Inventory management is the core behind perfect study material management.

A well-designed inventory enables teachers to manage their study materials available all the time, with a short search time.

Price Management:

Price is one of the most important deciding factors while placing the order for textbooks/study materials.

Study Material Management System Powered by artificial intelligence, can help in making well-informed decisions (regarding best price) during purchases. This can also help students in buying the best study material at the best price.

Simpler Functionality:

The intuitive user interface, with great functionalities, can help schools to confidently manage various aspects related to the study materials and inventory management with ease.

Regular & proper maintenance of inventory also ensures quick availability, an easy transaction system and well-managed operations

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy’s well-designed and purpose-oriented architecture enables schools to confidently manage their study material inventory. Our Smart Algorithms ensures 24×7 availability of the system; on the other hand, they can also help in initiating timely actions as per the requirements.

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