School Management System during COVID-19

COVID-19 Crisis: Now keep your School Teacher- Student relationships Intact, with Edecofy’s Institute Management Software…

School Management System during COVID-19

The Scenario Right Now:

To begin with, Covid-19’s second wave hitting the world, most of the schools across the nation have shut down their schools indefinitely. However, parents, students, and schools are equally worried about the loss of a valuable academic year…

Educational industry experts have clearly expressed their views saying that the entire educational system from elementary to tertiary level has collapsed across the globe due to COVID-19.

“Doug Lederman” a popular educationalist has stated that “Because of COVID-19, most professors and students suddenly find themselves forced to use technology as they teach and learn”.

Experts have also claimed that the upcoming times can be more challenging, with students facing multiple challenges of educational hardships including quality education, hands-on experience, laboratory work, library visit, peer tutoring, remedial teaching, research, and innovation.

How an Institute Management System Can Help?

The Learning Management System powered by the Institute Management Software can help in handling most of these challenges effectively for Schools/Colleges.

At the present time, Digital Learning can help in bridging the communication gap between Students-Teachers to a major extent, and make the learning environment more interactive.

Here are the major benefits of employing Institute Management Software in these deadly hours of a pandemic:


Online learning similar to traditional/offline-based learning can be more engaging with the help of AI-based tools.

Teachers can instantly test the attentivity of students with the help of live quizzes/polls from the learning management system.

They can also encourage students to be a part of the Forums/Communities, and discuss the class topics live. This can help students to grasp the subject more effectively.

No More Constraints:

In contrast to the physical classrooms which require huge classrooms or infrastructure for delivering lectures, the online classrooms with minimal infrastructure for delivering classes with better reach.

All that you need for delivering a class online is a Zoom Based Platform from Institute Management System like Edecofy, with a smartphone, and yes you can deliver classes from your home within no time.

Better Connectivity:

Connecting with students is a major challenge for schools, especially in this hour of the pandemic. Schools need to make important announcements to their students and need to enquire about their health status during this time.

The school management system can help schools to communicate with their students smartly. They can send bulk emails confirming the health of students to parents, the system also helps in making announcements about the latest study material uploads…

Notifications (in the form of SMS/ Push notifications) about school fee payments, or any other holiday information can also be made instantly.

On the other hand, the system also bridges the gap between teacher and student, as teachers can communicate with their students, and know-how effectively their learning is. They can also inform students’ grades, marks to parents instantly.

24×7 Availability:

An online learning system ensures a 24×7 learning experience for the students. Students can interact with their teachers even after the session with the help of learning groups.

AI-powered learning systems powered by bots can provide instant answers to the student’s queries. This ensures an interactive learning experience at any hour of the day.

Easy Access to Learning Materials:

Digital Learning also enables students to access their learning material smartly. A variety of learning materials like audio/video lectures, text materials can be stored on a cloud-based server and can be made available to the students.

These learning materials can be accessed 24×7 with the help of any internet-powered device like Smartphones/ laptops/ Tablets.

Self Learning & Assessments:

The system creates self-learning environments for students that can help in the all-around development of students.

The students can get more benefited by making use of interactive learning.

Pre-defined assessments/quizzes related to the specific topic can help in sharpening the learning skills of the students. This can also make their learning experience great.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy’s Institute Management System is developed by industry experts after years of research. This can help in simplifying your School/College Operations to a greater extent.

Our AI-Powered Learning Management System can help schools to train a smarter generation of students, with all-around development.

Looking for more details about Edecofy’s Institute Management System? Please visit our website at, Our sales team is happy to help you at


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