Automated Institute Admission System

Simplify your School/College Admissions Management with the Power of Automation

Automated Institute Admission System

Now with the academic year 2020-21 coming to end, students and parents are gearing up for admissions in spite of the prevailing Corona Pandemic.

Usually, the process of traditional school admission completely depends on paper. For instance key documents like Admission Forms, Educational Records, Student Profiles, and any other information are stored in physical folders. They also need to travel across various departments, for authentication/verification.

This type of circulation may lead to the misplacing of documents sometimes, leading to further delay in the admission process. This may risk the student’s academic advancements. Handling and Maintaining the paper-based system is also proved to be dearly for the institutions.

Why Your Education Institution Should Think of Automating Admissions?

Automating key admission processes can help in bringing various departments like Finance, Administration, Student section, and several others under a single roof. The system can also help in making informed decisions. This helps in reaching admission goals of the academic year within a specified time.

Here are the major benefits of automating your Education Institution Admissions:

Streamlining of Admission Process:

Automated Institute Admission System can help in capturing and importing all admission-related applications, and documents, irrespective of the formats (like image, doc or pdf) with just a single click from the dashboard.

Schools can make use of digital checklists connected with an automated workflow for a smarter and quicker completion of application processing. Once processed the acceptance letters can be generated and can be shared with students in a very short span of time. Aimed at student satisfaction,the system ensures a quicker document verification and faster approval time.

Faster Decision Making:

The system simplifies the verification of student data and can confirm payments at the same time from the payment system. This can help in making faster financial decisions by the institutions. Faster financial decisions on the other hand can significantly reduce the admission time.

Access from anywhere:

The admission automation system can help in managing admissions from anywhere with the help of the internet. Staff can manage their admissions even from the comfort of their home, especially in the deadly hours of COVID-19

Better Student Records:

Unlike the messy paper-based admission system, the automated admission system can help in handling student documents, applications, test scores, sports, and other eligibility forms from a single dashboard. The comprehensive dashboard can help in maintaining complete student records by the management.


Data privacy is the need of the hour. Handling Student data adhering to the policies is also the priority. The admission system ensures the confidentiality of the data. It allows only privilege-based access to the staff. This ensures that only the authorized staff can view or edit the student’s data.

Minimal Data Entry:

An automated admission system is loaded with dynamic data capturing capability. This can help in significantly reducing the tedious manual data entry tasks of the admission staff. This can help in reducing the admission time for students. Schools on the other hand can make use of these staff for productive works.

Single & Comprehensive Dashboard:

The Admission Management System can provide all the admission-based details in a single place. All the documents, certificate collection, and processing can be done from a single dashboard

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy the Smart School Management System built by industry experts, can help in handling and managing all your school activities with ease.

At this crucial hour of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and gearing admission time we can help in saving your school/ college’s valuable time, and efforts.

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