School Fees Management System

Your School Fee Management can’t be Rocket Science…

School Fees Management System

The Problem:

As the admission season is fast approaching, schools these days are really concerned about managing school payments and fees effectively.
On the other hand, parents are also much worried about handling their children’s school fees and other fees like special events and school uniforms.

It’s really a tough task for parents to keep track of the fee due dates and added to their woes. This wastes their precious work time for paying the fee in person.

Schools also need to maintain accurate records of fee payments and keep a track of who has paid, and who’s not. Based on the reports, reminders can be raised for parents. There exist some scenarios where the fees need to be paid even before the registration, making the fee management further complex.

Considering the complexity, the traditional process of fee management is very cumbersome and time-consuming as well, for all the participants involved.

Here is how automating your School Fee Management can benefit your institution:
School Fees Management System an integral part of the School ERP System can help in the smooth and efficient handling of your school’s payments and finances.
  • Go Mobile- Pay Smarter:
Smarter Payment System

Schools now days are making use of the power of smartphones, and are allowing parents to pay their school fees directly through channels like

i)  Mobile Apps
ii) Websites

Parents need to initially register for utilizing these services during enrolment of their wards. Another key point here is that they need to simply log in with the credentials, and make the fee payment in just few minutes, saving tons of precious time.

  • Accurate Reporting- Better Follow-ups’:
Accurate Reporting

Online payment of school fees has really simplified the jobs of accounting staff. Earlier it was a time-consuming and tedious process for handling the incoming fee payments with issues like

i) The purpose of payment

ii) The date of payment

iii) The mode of payment

However, the Online Fee Payment feature of the School ERP System can help in tracking the payments at any time with just a click.

Above all the pending fee payments can be tracked instantly, and parents can be alerted with PUSH/SMS notifications. This in turn can also reduce the follow-up.

The beauty of the fee management system is that both parents and schools can organize their payments with ease with a familiar interface ensuring trust.

  • Win-Win for All Participants:
Win-Win for All Participants

Online Payments can simplify the fee payment experience for parents, which in turn can also benefit the school management for keeping their funds in a smooth flow.

Schools now focus their resources on better things instead of follow-ups for payments. This creates a Win-Win scenario for both schools and parents, benefiting the education industry.

Why Edecofy?

From meeting daily expenses to funding various development activities, the free flow of funds is crucial for any institution to survive.

Edecofy offers the industry’s best School Fees Management software that can handle all issues related to fees like Payments, Fines, and other associated payments.

Here are some of the key benefits of Edecofy’s School Fee Management System compared to our competitors in the market.

  • Automated Fee Processes
  • Quick transfers for streamlined workflow
  • Tracking student’s fee structure reports
  • Fee Planning
  • Dues and Fines calculation

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