Institute Hostel Management System

Quality Hostel Living Experience for students, Smarter Maintenance for Management: Benefits of Hostel Management Automation

Hostel Management System

To begin with, in the present-day most educational institutions provide hostel facilities to their students, for providing a better living & learning experience. Equally important, parents are expecting the good quality of living conditions for their children in a hostel, along with quality education.

In reality, Admins/ wardens of the hostel need to face several challenges in maintaining the hostel.

While the core concept of Institutes is providing education, issues in hostel management like room allocation, maintenance, cash flow remain as tough nuts, as they involve huge labor and paper-based record-keeping tasks.

In other words, inefficient handling of hostel management can tarnish the efficiency, quality, along reputation of the institution.
On the other hand, some of the common problems associated with manual hostel management include:

Manual heavy workflow:

The traditional system of hostel management involves a huge workforce for activities like room allocation, maintenance of the hostel.

Uneven Workload:

Most of the work involved in hostel management usually involves tedious tasks, which are time-consuming. Unfortunately, some of the staff involved in the system are loaded with overwork.

Scope for Error:

Any manual process usually leaves scope for error; sometimes the mistakes may cause huge losses to the institution.

Record Maintenance:

Not to mention specially, hostel maintenance involves usually huge records like registers, bills, and other documents.

How a Hostel Management System can deal with these Issues?

Hostel Management System an integral part of School Management System. The system is re-designed to automate all the processes involved in Hostel Admissions. These processes include hostel rooms allocation, fees structure, allotments based on capacity, room status, room facilities, and more.

Manage Admissions and Room Inventory:

It was during the beginning of the academic year, hostel warden need to manage the admission of students into a hostel. Depending upon the maximum student accommodation capacity of the hostel, the warden can qualify/ disqualify admissions.
As a matter of fact, this allocation task is a tedious one for the warden, which affects his/her regular works.

On the other hand, the Inventory Management module can help in the automatic allocation of rooms for students based on availability.

Manage Rooms and Resources:

Managing hostel resources is only possible for the students who are allocated to the hostel rooms.
The staff by making use of the inventory module can allocate rooms, resources dynamically. They can also track the usage of resources like Wi-Fi, Canteen, TV, and other resources.
The module can also help in automatically allocating staff for housekeeping and cleaning activities of student rooms.

Comprehensive monitoring and Parent Reporting:

The hostel management system keeps track of student’s presence in the hostel with its attendance feature. The system also allows efficient tracking of student activities.

Any Information related to un-informed absence, or late can be passed immediately, via SMS, Email, or Push Notifications.

Effective Time & Effort Management:
Regular activities in hostel-like attendance management, in and out logs management can be a tedious task for medium and large hostels.

Hostel Management System powered by a biometric system can help in tackling this tedious task in a simpler manner.

Data can be accessed anytime from anywhere and is 100% error-proof
Time-to-Time Notifications:

Parents are notified about all the important details of their ward, regarding their absence, or health status, and fee notifications like hostel fees or mess fees.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy’s state-of-the-art hostel management system provides a simple and visually appealing dashboard system, for managing a hostel and all other facilities in education institutes.

Equally important, our Hostel/Dormitory management module can seamlessly integrate with all the key modules of the school management software like attendance, inventory, and finance for effective hostel management.

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