School Attendance Automation

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School Attendance Automation

Attendance marking is the first task of school teachers, before starting their class.
The first thing to remember, attendance rate is the most crucial factor for students to get succeed in academics. Frequent absentees are a tough nut for their teachers, as it is difficult to build their skills.

 Along with academics, student security concerns are another serious issue. Traceability is of serious concern to students.
A 2008 study by the Rodel Community Scholars at Arizona State University about student tracking from kindergarten through high school had made shocking revelations. It had found that dropout patterns were linked with poor attendance, beginning in kindergarten

However marking the attendance is tedious, time-consuming, and also no direct contribution to student progress.

Manual attendance systems require fair and consistent execution. The teachers recording attendance also face enormous pressure, when marking the attendance of students in a huge group of students.

Here are the problems with the manual attendance system

  • Chance for Tampering:

Not to mention separately, the traditional attendance system is easily prone to data manipulation. As an illustration, some teachers may rarely take the path of favoritism or personal grudge on students. This can question the transparency of the existing attendance system.

  • Chance for Human Errors:

To Err is Human. Sometimes the mistakes on the part of the teacher may allow making a wrong entry, thus affecting the student’s attendance negatively.

  • Performance Issues:
    Recording & Maintaining huge volumes of attendance data can impact the teacher’s performance negatively. Equally important,the activity can consume their valuable time away from the academic activities.

How Automation Can Help?

The student attendance system is an automated solution for marking attendance. The system also enables them to explore meaningful patterns in their attendance. This can help in monitoring student performance around key metrics.

This system can automate mundane attendance tasks like recording and maintaining the data. This can help in teachers to focus on academic productivity.

Here are a few popular ways of taking attendance through the Student Attendance System:

  • App Powered Attendance
  • Biometric-based Attendance
  • RFID based attendance
  • Face recognition powered attendance
Automating your students’ attendance can provide your school with ample benefits like:
Saves Lots of Time:

Teachers can save their precious time, as they can directly focus on teaching and monitoring student’s overall performance. It takes less than a minute for the teacher to review the attendance recorded through the automated ways stated above.

No need for paperwork, no need to spell out names loudly, and checking manually, ultimately reducing the burden on teachers.

Better Student Performance:

Studies have also stated that “the overall performance of the student is linked to attendance. Teachers can keep track of the student’s attendance with just a simple click.

School authorities can directly convey the absenteeism of the student parents through appropriate communication channels. These channels can include SMS, Email, or Push Notifications. This can help parents in keeping their wards attendance on the right track, thus improving their performance.

Higher ROI:

According to an estimate, a teacher spends a time of nearly 2000 Minutes every year in marking attendance. This many hours a year can impact the overall Return on Investment (ROI) of the school. Teachers are wasting their precious time in nonproductive work like data entry.

By all means, automating this mundane task can help in saving the precious time of the teachers. This can help in focusing their time on improvising student’s performance, thus ensuring a better ROI.

 Better Accuracy:

Automation ensures an almost zero scope of errors in recording the attendance. The system powered by smart algorithms has less scope of making errors. Only authorized persons of the institutions can access the data.

Data Security:

Data stored on a secured server with 128 Bit Strong Encryption, prevents attendance data to be tampered Only the person with an appropriate role in the institute can have access to the data.

Smart Analytics:

An attendance management system powered by AI can track the behavioral analytics of the students based on their attendance patterns. Teachers/ To put it in another way, the system allows parents in taking corrective action based on the data analysis reports of their wards.

Looking for implementing Student Attendance System in your Institute?

Edecofy’s team of experts has invested many hours and efforts in developing a comprehensive School Attendance System. The system is integrated as a part of our School Management System.

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