Online Examination Management System

Faster Evaluation, In-Depth Analytics: Here is why upgrading to Online Examination System, from Traditional Exams can benefit your Institution.

Online Examination Management System

Need for Online Examination Management System

Exams are considered to be an important part of the learning process and in the entire education system. Exams/Assessments are the best way to assess student learning of their particular subjects. They can showcase the learning skills, as well as the remembering skills and presentation skills of the students.

However, the traditional examination system involved a huge volume of resources like logistics, maintenance, and staff. The process is tedious, and also involves printing and logistics costs.

Some other important drawbacks of the traditional exams are:
  • Question Paper Setting: The process involves the setting of a set of question papers for each and every subject. This consumes a considerable time of teachers.
  • Answer Paper Correction/ Evaluation: The process involves correction of answer sheets also consumes the valuable time of the teachers.
  • Scope for Errors: Every manual process usually consists of some sort of error, sometimes there may be a chance for counting errors in evaluation, which affects overall student score.

How Online Examination System Helps? An Online Examination System on the other hand can improvise the existing examination system, with its seamless design and integration. The process is also cost-effective for implementation.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing an Online Examination System for your institution:

Trouble-Free Assessment:

Online Exam system can help in conducting trouble-free examinations. Tedious tasks like manual question paper setting, printing, and examination timetable creation can be automated for better conducting of exams.

An Online Examination System can help in creating and can be conducting exams with just a click of the mouse. It can also reduce the pressure of setting exam papers for teachers, by allowing them to create a one-time question bank for various courses and storing it as a repository.  Teachers can make use of this repository and build any assessment with ease.

Students can submit their assignments online, which can be evaluated by the respective teachers. They can also raise reminders about the assignment deadlines for the students.


Traditional examination systems had a huge chance of leakage for question papers. The Online Exam module ensures complete security of the question papers, as access to the question papers is only provided for the examination team involved.

All the question papers are completely end-to-end encrypted with secret keys. These secret keys are passed only to the concerned team members.

Eco-Friendly Solution:

Traditional paper-based exam system usually employs loads of papers, for question papers, answer sheets, and registers. This isn’t environmentally friendly and is also a costly affair for the institutes.

On the other hand, Online Examination completely avoids the need for paper. The system provides both question papers and answers sheets as digital copies for the students. This can help in saving the logistics, security, and stationery costs for schools.

Instant and Error Free Evaluation:
Unlike the traditional exam system, which takes days and months for evaluating exam papers, the Online Exam module can instantly deliver the result with just a simple click of the button. This can help in saving a lot of time for teachers, and they can concentrate on more productive work.

The results are also error-free, and thus can avoid complications like re-evaluation or re-corrections after the publication of results.
Comprehensive Insights:

AI-powered examination system provides teachers/parents with deeper insights into their ward’s performance. For instance, parents are provided with info like in which subject student is lagging, and where there is scope for improvement.

Based on the inputs teachers/parents can take corrective action for improvising their children’s performance.

Edecofy’s Online Examination Management System for School ensures proper management of the overall examination system. The system is capable of supporting various operations like exam fees collection, creating the question paper, section-wise performance grades to presenting tabulation sheets. These are the key aspects of the online exam system.

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