Academic Calendar Automation

Academic Calendar Automation for a Smarter Educational System.

Academic Calendar Automation

What does Exactly an Academic Calendar mean?

Academic Calendars are frameworks by which schools can characterize the milestone dates that drive a significant part of their everyday business. They can keep informed students, faculty, and staff about the key dates throughout the academic year and semester.

Each academic calendar contains cancel, withdrawal, and drop deadlines. This also allows other landmark dates that vary, depending on the academic calendar type.

As a matter of fact, academic calendars serve as a tracking tool for measuring progress. The progress is tracked in coverage of the academic syllabus, and other administrative activities.

In other words, efficient academic calendar creation and implementation will have a huge impact on achieving the business and academic objectives of the institution.

What’s wrong with the Traditional Academic Calendar System?

The manual academic calendar preparation is a tedious task. Also, there is a fair chance of errors like scheduling conflicts.

How Automation Can Help?

School ERP System provides the ability to configure the academic calendars for the institution. The portal’s custom login feature enables both students and their parents to access academic calendars smartphones or laptops.

Changes in the existing schedule can be communicated with the parents/ students, through push notifications, such that they are well informed about the changes.

Benefits of Academic Calendar Automation:
Streamlining Schedules:

Scheduling classes and designing timetables is usually a tedious & time taking process. This appears to be stressful for institutes with a huge number of students and sections, especially for the teachers.

Automating, however, eliminates the complexity of the process. Admin needs to do is just to click on a couple of buttons in the portal, that’s it. The School ERP Software automatically schedules the classes and assigns teachers. It can also create the sections (based on the pre-defined priorities), thus making the streamlining of the process simpler and smarter.

Saves Valuable Time:

Teachers these days are completely occupied with operations like student monitoring, conducting extra circular activities along with teaching. So planning as an activity will make them more stressful.
Automation reduces these woes considerably, allowing teachers to focus on more productive ways of teaching.

Online Appointments:

It was natural for parents to be concerned about their ward’s performance. They also want to clarify few things from the teachers. However, these types of uninformed meetings may disturb the schedules of teachers.

School ERP System can address this system by providing Online Appointment System. This allows the parents to choose an available time for both themselves and teachers. The parents can contact them during the appointment, thus avoiding unnecessary conflicts in the schedules.

Eco Friendly:

School ERP System makes available the academic calendar available online. This type of arrangement prevents students/parents from taking print-outs. They can access the digital copy of the same anywhere and anytime.

Resource Optimization:

Automated scheduling helps in the best usage of schools resources like classrooms, teachers, and teaching aids.

Summarising the points a Good Automated Academic Calendar can help in reducing the stress of teachers. This can also help in building an error-free education system for students.

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