School Leave Management Automation

Does Schools Really Need A Leave Management System?

School Leave Management Automation

Need for School Leave Management Automation:

How Traditional Leave Management System Works?

Leave application management in schools is a tedious process for school management. This involves the coordination between various departments. For example, if any teacher applying for leave, the usual process will be

  • Apply leave for headmaster/principal.
  • Make necessary alternatives in the time-table schedule
  • Approval of Leave.

Must be remembered that this leave process is repetitive on a regular basis for school management. On the other hand, the management also should verify the leave history of teachers/staff. This info needs to be passed to the respective departments.

In other words, this process literally consumes hours of productive work for admin work, as this additional communication adds a burden to their regular work. Any failure of communication in this traditional leave management system also causes confusion and chaos among the students and teachers.

How Automating a Leave Management System Could Help?

On the positive side, a leave management system powered by the School ERP System could help in making the entire leave process simpler and better. This ensures transparency in the process of granting or denying leaves, by following the institution’s leave policy.

Here are some of the benefits of automating your leave management system:

Workload Reduction:

The leave Management feature of School ERP software can significantly reduce the workload of staff. Usually, HR departments handle leave applications. The decision about leave approval/denial is to be done by them.

Comparatively automating a leave management system starts with feeding the required leave rules and guidelines in the system.
Teachers/Students can apply for leaves with their specific logins. By all means, the automated system process the leaves by going through the specific guidelines, and provides an intimation of approval/denial for the teacher/student through SMS/ Push Notifications.


The system allows leave information to be disclosed in their respective portals. The information includes the number of leaves availed, number of leaves available, etc.,
Equally important, this can help in maintaining the transparency of the leave management system, preventing any type of favoritism or partiality from the HR Team.

This type of transparent system also ensures that students/teachers can have a clearer view of their leaves available, and in better planning.


The leave management system keeps track of the teacher’s availability at any given time. Management by knowing the leave of a teacher on a particular day in advance they can make alternate arrangements for the class, without disturbing the class schedule.

Automatic Salary Management:

Powered by biometrics, the Leave management system can help in tracking the attendance of teachers/ staff. Based on the leaves availed, the system can automatically deduct the salary. Employees can receive the information through notifications.

A robust and flawless leave management system is crucial for handling school operations with ease.

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