Class Routine Management System

Automation is the best Solution for Efficient Class Routine Management

Class Routine Management System

The daily routine of a class eventually determines the overall potential of a school. Classroom management refers to the wide variety of skills and strategies employed by teachers, for keeping their students organized and academically productive during a class/session.

While effective teachers display strong classroom-management skills, ineffective/inexperienced teachers on the other hand display disorderly classroom, where students in the class fail to focus or pay attention to the class.

Poorly designed lessons, unexciting learning materials usually contribute to the common disinterest of students.

What is lacking with the current system?

  • Human Resources:

Usually the class-routine is prepared considering the parameters like teachers’ time, number of periods, class time, etc.  This manual system requires huge human resources to work on the same.

  • Time Consuming:

Class routine preparation usually for larger institutions is usually time consuming and tedious.

  • Scope for Errors:

Naturally any manual process will have great scope for error

  • Huge Resources:

The manual system usually consumes resources like large amount of paper work, and other stationary, which increases the maintenance cost of the institution.

How Automation Can Help?

Automating key classroom routines can help in increasing the overall productivity of the class, along with optimal usage of resources. Here are few benefits of automating class routines.

1. Availability:
The routine management system and can be accessed 24×7, by the teachers, students and other staff from anywhere with the help of internet.

2. Reliability:

Automated routine management is completely reliable, as it is designed by the inputs from school management experts.

3. Optimal Scheduling:

The intelligent design of class routine management ensures that each minute of the school is utilized for the maximum progress of students.

4. Safety & Security:

The system is highly secure as role-based permission is only provided for authorized personals.

5. Flexibility:

Flexibility of the system allows teachers to manage the individual students without multiplying their stress. It keeps the teachers engaged and interested in their tasks and proactively take the responsibilities of the individual development of students.

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