School Library Automation

Empower Your School Library with the Power of Automation

School Library Automation

Need for School Library Automation:

Generally speaking, the library is the best place in a school. It provides a place where students get interacted with the mystic world of reading and gain knowledge.

In fact, librarians usually maintain different types of records/registers, for exercising control over their daily operations, as per established norms. Some of these records include Books on loan records, Records of over-due charges, etc…

On the negative side, these tasks require a register for every academic year. To put it in another way, handling and maintenance of these records appear to be a tedious task for librarians, along with consumption of valuable resources stationery costs, and time.

At this instant, automating these routine tasks can help in making library operations fairly simple and flexible. Above all, a library management system a part of the School Management System can help in managing all library activities from a single dashboard.

Here are the advantages of Automating Your School Library System:

1. Simpler Record Management:

To begin with, Crucial library records related to book issues, and deadlines, etc, can be accessed under a single dashboard by authorized admins.

The system can also integrate fine records under the same platform, making the life of a librarian much simpler, with a simpler and better reporting system.

2. Any time Access:

The Internet-powered system provides great accessibility. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world. In other words, all that one needs for accessing the portal is a Smart Phone/ Laptop, and with login credentials.

3. Reduces Operational Costs:

As the system digitizes all the crucial library records, it can reduce a considerable amount of budget. As an illustration, a substantial amount of spending on stationery like paper, folders, along maintenance costs can be saved.

4. Secured System:

The system deployed on a high-secured, and strongly encrypted server, ensures security.
Notably, access is provided only for authorized personal ensuring high security.

5. Dynamic reports:

The system provides comprehensive reports with bars, charts of the library performance. This can help in better decision-making.
At the same time, the reports are made available in a friendly visual format, with the flexibility of instant sharing capability. This ensures that the reports can be shared instantly with every participant.

6. Ease of Use:

On the positive side, the dashboard of the library management system is completely customizable, and any operator with basic computer skills can handle the library management system.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy’s innovative School ERP System can help schools in holding a firm grip over their library by making available the key information in a friendly and quick manner.

By all means, our team of experts at Edecofy can help librarians confidently take care of the changing needs of their library and easily manage the day-to-day requirements without any issues.

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