Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-Teacher Communication Made Better With Edecofy School Management System

Parent-Teacher Communication

Why Parent-Teacher Communication System?

Parents and Guardians play an important role in the phase of elementary school learning. However, effectively reaching them is a potential challenge for even senior school teachers.

A few years ago School Dairy was the only single way of communication for teachers to update parents about school activities.

Thanks to the modern technology-powered Online School Management system. The system has got loads of tools, at the disposal of teachers. This can help in interacting with parents, and for creating a beneficial learning environment.

In general, most parents are unaware of their ward’s complete exercises in the school. At the present time, there is a very fair chance of a communication gap between teachers and parents. An Online School ERP Solution is the only solution, in dealing with this issue of parent and teacher communication.

Here is how School ERP can help in bridging the gap between parents and students:

Alerts about PTA:

A notification system from School ERP software informs parents about the upcoming parent-teacher interaction dates, such that parents can block their schedules for these interactions.
In the light of any sudden changes, regarding the time or date of the meetings can be immediately conveyed to parents/guardians. This prevents any unnecessary miscommunications.
Progress Report Sharing:

Gone are the days where parents need to wait for the bounded progress reports of their wards, for knowing about the in-class performance of their wards.
Many Thanks to the School ERP system which enables dynamic sharing of students’ marks with in-depth analytics. At this instant, this helps in noticing any lack of performance of wards at an early stage by parents, and alternate arrangements like tutoring can be made for improving the ward’s performance.

Updated Attendance Report:

Parents can be provided with live attendance updates of their wards, with the help of school management software.

As an illustration, students’ attendance information is notified to parents through notifications. like automated text messages and emails. These features make sure that parents are 100% sure about their children’s attendance.

Important Alerts:

Going the eco-friendly way, School ERP software can send SMS/Email notifications to parents. These notifications cover important events and updates in the school. They also include automated reminders about a due date like payment reminders, permission reminders.

Live Bus Tracking:

In general, parents are really concerned about the safety of their wards traveling in school buses in these uncertain circumstances.

On the positive side, School ERP software can help in ensuring child security by sharing a detailed route map of their children, between on-boarding and de-boarding of the bus.
In addition, Parents are issued with emergency notifications, in situations like accidents, and disasters.

At present ERP software is one of the best ways to make use of smart technology. This can keep parents posted about important events in schools, along with their children’s overall school performance.

Experts at Edecofy have strategically developed the intuitive parent management features. This keeps parents updated about the latest information about their ward and can be able to access the most vital information (academic and non-academic). This avoids any hassles or time-consuming processes. It will also eliminate the unhealthy communication gap between parents, admin, and teachers.

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